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Due to my sins I was sent to hell. To my surprise, it was vacant. I asked the guard the reason of it as if I was the only sinner coming from the earth.

The guard whispered, "Bribe me and I will let you sneak into the heaven through the backdoor."
"How much?," I queried.
"Thousand bucks," he grinned.

I was amazed at the corruption going on at there; the place of Almighty. Thrilled of entering the heaven, I happily paid the bribe and started to follow him towards the secret entry to the heaven stealthily.
He opened the lock and asked me to sneak. I gazed there hesitatingly like a thief. To my surprise, I found the heaven overcrowded.
"How will I write here?" I asked to myself.
And decided to stay back in the hell, happily.

Rajeev Pundir


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