So let me show you the real me!!

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I sing because I love to
I read because its my passion
I write because it is my obsession
I love too easily,
I get connected very easily,
and I forgive others before
I forgive me.
I'm least interested in knowing the future,
Because I'm busy in living my present
I get shy, but for short time.
I want others to feel the difference in me.
I am sorry to those who don't know me.
Life never ends,
and there is sufficient time
for all who haven't seen the reality
Let me smile for each reason
Small or big
But not just one.
Let me speak
No reluctance,No hesitation,No fear
In my voice.
Let me be who I am
Without judgment of our evil society.
I wanna shout
Let me cry out loud
So put the past behind and
Look forward to
What tomorrow has to offer.

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