Just For Love!

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Sleep was miles and miles away from his eyes. Restless, he was waiting for something extremely eagerly. He glanced upon the wall clock. It was telling the time as 2.45am.

"Almost an extra hour has passed and no signal yet," he thought, "Her husband would sleep maximum by 12 midnight. What happened today? What if even today's plan fails?" He thought and turned worried.

They had hatched that kind of plan a number of times in the past too but couldn't execute either due to this or that reason. Now he was becoming extremely restless and finding almost impossible living without her.

Yes they were in love but couldn’t get married as she couldn’t dare to go against her parents' will for the same. Thus, separated, they continued to meet stealthily for years. Tired of this hide and seek game they decided to overcome the hurdle to live for and with each other for ever.

His eyes had started to get mighty and got closed. Suddenly, he woke up alerted by a ping on his mobile phone. He stood with a jerk as the call he was waiting for has finally arrived.


He tiptoed into that house.

Dagger in his hand, he lunged on the person in deep sleep on the only bed in that dimly lit room, as guided by her standing in sheer silence controlling even her breathing so shallow not to emanate even a whispering sound.

She was his love lady and accomplice.

And a shriek of her husband filled the room. He withdrew the dagger from his chest smeared with his blood and thrust once more. Another cry rent through the room.

Suddenly he saw the little boy sleeping on the same bed started to wail. Perhaps his sleep was snapped by his father's shrieks, attacked by none other than a person he would call uncle.

Extremely terrified, the boy looked at him holding the blood dripping dagger in his hand, sat, shrank and started to cry with full force upping his volume to the fullest.

Alerted by his scary looks and high pitched cry, he panicked.

No sooner she saw him lunging on the boy, her eyes popped. Frightened she jumped towards him throwing her hands and screamed, "Don't kill him!"

And another second, the same dagger entered into boy's abdomen killing him then and there.

Aghast with shock and awe, she stopped standstill.


Then he threw his gaze at her witnessing everything standing in the corner of the room.

But it was too late. The boy's body fell lifeless.

"O my god! What did you do?" she shouted, her eyes bulged out of shock.

"He had woken up and instantly identified me, killing his father. He was old enough and could have been a big problem for both of us," he explained justifying the killing of the boy.

"Oh no! He was your son, not his," she babbled disclosing the truth he didn't know and fainted.

His mind went numb and body froze. Dismayed, his hands loosened the grip and the dagger fell on the floor. Subdued, he squatted on his knees, covered his face with his arm and started to cry muffling his voice.

The game they'd hatched got haywire and the crime they had committed had taxed them a heavy interest, also.

The storm lulled by the onset of the dawn.

And they surrendered to the police for the double murder they had committed – just for love!


Rajeev Pundir


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