Why she can't be accepted...

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Be a man...don't be a Coward,

Be a lamp...to spread the light,

Be a plant....to give the life,

Be a balance....to make harmony,

Yes my love you can do so...

With your eternal love ,your beautiful try,

Once your love was fearing with fright,

You were the one ,can...stand by her side,

Give her your hand ,your mighty pride,

Don't be a foolish and leave her aside,

Still afraid by the tales of this world?

They are nothing but nasty strike,

You want to get over...but can leave behind,

This childhood place ,this mightful pride,

So do your best and make them to try,

To accept your love ..to admire your enterprise,

May be genius of this world can keep you aside,

From your faithful love.. From your lovable bride,

But don't take their side..they are thieves of your light,

They don't have their.. So they want to shake your might,

But don't let them shatter ,the dream of your bride,

She is still yours from the heart and soul...

She waited for you for the long dark nights,

She is still looking at your once walked alley,

So don't get afraid..she is still the same,

You just need to.... change your sight,

Yes now she is not virgin ,living a devastated life,

Your love oh...Charles...living a drastic life,

Can you come to her and get her in your arms,

Looked at her and smile with pride,

Can you laugh with her like the old school guy,

Your childhood love ,your partner in crime,

You are a beauty ...yes my life,

Told this to her..she is laughing at her life,

Yes my love I am always by your side,

He said this to her and walked with pride,

They were together....without fake smiles,

This time they met in the home of eternal light....




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