Slap Of Life

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"Enough time has passed we enjoyed," he said while gulping the drink. 

His buddies looked at him and exchanged the mischievous glances. Then they pulled deep drags out of the single cigarette one by one and exhaled the smoke through their nostrils like dragons.
"Yes, definitely. There must be something, you know, some thrill in life," supported one of them.

"Last time, I did the job for you," he said reminding them of his obligation he levied on them.

The other two instantly got what he meant for. 

"Ok. Finish the drink and move. Let's have some fun!" the other groaned. Devil in their eyes, they moved out on prowl.

It was dark enough at 9.30 on that chilling night. They noticed the faint image of a girl going alone on the roadside. Murderous spark shone out of their eyes. He twisted the switch to turn the headlights off of the car, slowed and then halted beside the girl. And before she could understand anything, his buddies got down, pounced on her and bundled her into the car. The car sped with full speed towards a desolate place and stopped into the bushes of a nearby ridge area.

"Both of you get out of the car to keep a vigil. Let me finish first. Till then you enjoy the drinks outside," he instructed them.
The girl tried to scream and was quickly thrashed and threatened by putting a knife at her neck by his friends pinning her down in the backseat. Extremely frightened, she became silent.
Then they got off the car and pulled him out of the driving seat.
"This is our prey. Last time we let you do.

This time we will," they almost threatened him with daggers in their looks. A tad scared, he obliged.

After his friends took the turns on the hapless girl, he moved towards the car for his. Though the ceiling light of car was on, one could hardly see anything inside through the tinted glasses of the windows. With lustful eyes, he opened the door of the car. No sooner he gazed upon the girl and their eyes met, earth slipped from beneath his feet and within a flash the hangover of the drink evaporated.


It was not first time he had seen a girl wailing, begging and pleading before him. But first time he saw something different, utterly different he had never ever imagined. 
This time, it was his sister, crying, lying naked in front of him badly bruised by the bite marks all over her body, he was about to rape after his friends had.


The silence of the cold night was rent by the whistle of a train passing over the nearby railway tracks.
Waiting for him at a little distance, his friends saw him running away towards the denser part of the bushes and before they could understand anything, he vanished.


Next day, his beheaded corpse was recovered from the railway tracks.

By Rajeev Pundir



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