sexual abuse!!

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She never loved anyone before she saw him he was a devil with a mask of a angel to her but when we start loving a person we just seem everything to be perfect from tip to toe she could imagine him in her best days but he turned out to show her the worst days she used to hide her feelings from everyone and he was constantly coming in her dreams and after a lot of controlling herself she once confessed the feeling and was nervous what would happen but he accepted her and asked her to make out him.


She was confused and but refused as she did not wanted to loose him at any cost. She turned her eyes off and decided to make it out. This was the biggest mistake of her life she didn't realized right at that moment. He showed his devil side by sexually abusing her and making a MMS. She was totally feeling ashame full when she saw that and finally by the fear of this society, people and people like that guy she committed sucide.


This is just a one side of sexual abusing there are many other things which are to be thrown light on. And this is a time to raise owr voice as now or never. People better understand that girls are not for just they also have feelings



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