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What on Earth was you thinking?

She reached out to you for help,

And you neglected her for yourself,

Selfishly you used her,

Unable to dust that off,

It`s like she`s now just some abandoned book

left upon your shelf.


You`re a monster,

Most people fear your kind,

They say you live beneath the bed,

But not in her world…

You was above that bed,

And now you`re a haunt in her head.


There are no marks on her fragile skin,

Neither are her bones broken,

But there`s still hurt she`ll have to carry on with,

A hurt that shall most likely go unspoken,

Empty, lost and confused; continuously asking;

“Why was it me who got abused?”


If only the walls had eyes,

Those walls might have stopped you,

Halted a horrific horror show happening,

Preventing her loss of trust in the world,

Stopping her from feeling uncomfortable

around all of us.


Three months on…

Twelves counselling sessions done,

But she still can’t go moving on,

The taunting memories of you still not gone,

She feels as though she never will heal,

You took away her confidence,

You caved her inside of this whole new world.


She went back to college today,

Everyone looked nervous around her,

They carried a terrible unease,

She felt worse now than before,

They were looking at her

as though she carried some contagious disease.




After college she went straight home,

Her Mum had a faint smile,

She already knew the day would not be well,

Before she could reach her daughter to comfort,

She witnessed the way her innocent girl fell,

And just like that – her heart dropped as well.


The monster who stands responsible,

He now stands in the minds of many more,

Getting away with his crimes,

He is yet to appear in court…

Monster, if you are reading this;

You should know one day soon – you shall be caught.


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