Her Sackless Soul

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Her sackless soul!

Peeped out of her cocoon,the fragile butterfly,
With tons of courage to strike the enormous sky.

Her wings ready to take a flight,
Not at all scared of the infinite height.

Her eyes focused towards the goal,
For someone she was the world,whole.

The feminine innocence blushing her cheeks,
Yet her confidence to the extreme peaks.

She just entered into her teenage,
Who knew, she would meet savage.

She was just a bud,spreading fragrance of love,
Didn't know how the world cheat and bluff.

Trusting her tutor was the biggest mistake,
He was a disguised devil with a mask fake.

Didn't notice that lusty gaze,
Those sheepish touches made her faze.

Inhaling fears,her little mind,
Wishing just  for a rewind.

Daily she was afraid of that 5'O'clock,
Sometime fondled was her hand and othertimes dock.

Bit by bit her innocence was killed,
By the regrets and vengeance a heart was filled.

She died daily but was breathing hard,
She struggled to survive,nevre of that tard.

Swollen lips wanted to reveal the truth behind the partitions,
Insane mind was scared of answering those thousand questions.

Those horrifying calls at night asking for sins,
Immature brain not even know what it means.

The most bubbly girl had become quiet,
There was a conflict between irrational deeds and her rights

Those evil caresses ran current in every cell of her,
He squeezed her affectionate heart just for the flesh and fur.

All her dreams were ferociously broken,
Her own fate deceived her,she was forsaken.

Her purity was polluted,her soul was tainted
Those sparkling eyes which once reflected her dreams,now fainted

Those furious open wings were lacerated,

Before starting the flight, her vigour was macerated. 

And the monster after tearing her
essence,started in search of another prey,
Alas! Again a crime was burried forever, just by a swear..




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