13 reasons why she can't raise her voice

poetryblog17   232 views   11 months ago

Married women too faced sexual abuse, But they can't refuse.... "Read the whole writing and share your views" Let's provoke every men and woman on this so that it can bring some change.

Taking back that night!

alsha   121 views   11 months ago

This is about a girl who underwent sexual abuse or was raped...her feeling fears and how she overcame her fears..

Child abuse

kitabeshayri   190 views   11 months ago

इस कहानी में अपने अंदर का दर्द बयां करना चाहती हूँ इस कहानी में मैं अपने ज़ख्म को लिखा है I want u all to know how diffucult is girls life. How many faces she have to look on she sees the cruelest man in the world And bear all the pain silently Please read the whole story

Her Sackless Soul

rumana7   113 views   11 months ago

We are living in a world where dogs are tamed by men,and inturn men are becoming dogs. This poetry is on molestation of an innocent teenage girl by her tutor. It based on a real life incident.

indescribable pain

muhammad   47 views   11 months ago

Learn to respect woman as a human being and give her the dignity that she deserves like everybody.

The Holocaust Unseen

krishangisarma27   93 views   11 months ago

Marital rape - a crime a section of women has been victim of.


Saleha Quadri   120 views   11 months ago

This Article Is About The Increasing Crimes Against Women ie:- Rapes,Sexual Abuse , Wife Battering , Dowry Deaths And It Mainly Focuses On Sexual Abuse .

Mind You

Vanshikha Kanojia   58 views   11 months ago

How a women feels when a man raises his hand on her

Unbearable pain

Supriya Supriya   141 views   11 months ago

Hi, I have tried to express the pain of an ORDINARY INDIAN WOMAN about what she goes through when she comes across with an unpleasant touch. Please read, share and comment if it touches you.

Her shriveled Cry

swayema   176 views   11 months ago

It's all about a girl married in an early age in exchange of some bucks and was crushed every night.

Rising amidst pain

khyati   340 views   11 months ago

It is a poignant account of a woman's life who struggled against the tough situations of her life to emerge as a warrior. it was, for sure, a hardline task for her but not impossible. Her grit to succeed proves it all.


Rajeev Pundir   89 views   11 months ago

People are expert in exploiting others, mainly the girls, sexually under the garb of love. Remove the blind and be careful! Don't fall prey to them. Speak. Stand up. And teach them a lesson like Sati took Satyam by horns for abusing her sexually.

Because she didn't has rights

jhalak   30 views   11 months ago

Here is the story after a news story..I didn't mention about a true story but its my try by my writing to tell that why should we stop this nasty mentality..make an conclusion but don't make another jwala

एक दर्द

sonikedia12   107 views   11 months ago

उड़ना चाहती थी वो पर ना ही टूटे पत्तों की तरह ना ही सूखे पत्तों की तरह लहराना चाहती थी पर ना ही फटे दामनों की तरह ना ही चिथड़ों की तरह ।

अनजाना क़त्ल

suryaa   65 views   11 months ago

पीयूष बेटा उठ जाओ सुबह हो गयी आखिर कब तक सोयेगा तू.........मम्मी ने पीयूष को आवाज लगाते हुए कहा उठ जाऊंगा आज तो सोने दे माँ......आज सन्डे है वैसे भी ऑफिस वाले दिन ठीक से सोने को नहीं मिलता....आज तो सो लूँ ढंग से..............उसने रजाई को मुहँ पर ढकते हुए कहा