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LOVE, Conversations Between Two Friends Do Read 👇

Friend 1: Bro, I Am Done With Love.

Friend 2: What Happened?

Friend 1: There Are Many Wrong Thing Which I Came Across The Realisation Of It.

Friend 2: Can You Be Little Clear?

Friend 1: Bro, What Is Love?

Friend 2: You Are Well Experienced, You Must Know Very Much Better About It.

Friend 1: But Then To I Want To Hear It From You.

Friend 2: "Love Is An Emotion, Love Is An Feeling, Love Is That Pleasure Which Make Us Feel Attractive Towards A Person.

Friend 1: Are You Sure Whether It Is Towards "A" Or "Many" Persons.?

Friend 2: Such An Illogical Question, Love Isn't That Fool That It Fall On Many, Love Must Stay Loyal To One Person Whom We Love So Much, Whom We Feel Attracted Towards Her.

Friend 1: Then Why A Person Who Is Thoroughly Surviving In An Relationship, Feels For Many? Why This Happens When Not Being Loyal To A Person And Dating Many?

Friend 2: In That Case, Your Love Towards. A Person Is Not True, It's Not Love. Because In Love, The Eye Stays Upon To That Specific Person Whom We Love Whole Heartedly And Dating Apart Many, It's Matter Of Attraction.

Friend 1: How To Over Come From This Situation? Please Help Me.

Friend 2: Not Everyone Has An Perfect Relationship. Not Everyone In This World Are Happy Neither Joyful Beacuse Of The Case You Narrated Me. To Over Come From This, You HaveTo Stay Patient. Remember Those Pre-Requisites. For An Relationship?

Friend 1: Yes:- Loyal, Respect, Faith, Honest And Communication

Friend 2: Absolutely And All This SubHead Under Only One Term "Patience". Now You Might Ask "What If Any One These Gets Lack?"

Friend 1: Yes I Was About To Ask.

Friend 2: Dude, Love Isn't That Weak, It Is Very Powerful. If You Truly Love Someone, If You Truly Pour Your Efforts On Your Love, Then You Will Surely Get The Same From The Person You Love. Though Love Is Blind But It Can Visualise Whatever Happens, It Can Easily Feel The Situation And Remember For Every Problem There Is Corresponding Solution. And If There Come Some Problems Because Of Love, It Is Then Love Itself Which Finds Out An Solution.

Friend 1: I Am Feeling Guilty For What I Have Done With My GirlFriend, I Completely Ruined My Relationship, It Faded My Love And What Is Karma Upto, I Ditched Her And The Same Happened To Me. I Lost My Love.

Friend 2: Everyone Deserves An Second Chance To Apologize It's Mistake. If You Are Truly Feeling Guilty For What You Have Done, You Will Surely Deserves An Another Chance, Because Feelings Can Be Wrong But Not Love.

Moral: True Love Happens Only Once, Do Not Ruin It Because If True Love Is Destroyed It Cannot Be Fix, Unless And Until You Truly Feels The Mistake You Made.

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