Friends, lovers or nothing

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It's so strange that autumn is beautiful and yet everything is dying. Memories keep us alive and kill us at the same time just like the axe forgets but the tree always remembers.

Relationships these days are like a joke, it's a game that two people play until they are bored, not knowing that this temporary love only tears them apart in the end .

Today everything is about lust, sex and being cool, that's the reason why guys chase girls all over the place and girls are no different, they need constant approval of their self worth by demanding attention.

There are only two profound reasons why people date, it's either to marry or to breakup; it wouldn't be logical to get married when you are not even mature enough to support your own self so we date for the fun or in the hope that we might find the lucky one and the thing what hurts the most, is being so close, dolorous it may seem, heart aches become inevitable and getting over them arduous.

We are just broken people making broken promises trying to escape reality by promising a forever in a world where even life is temporary.

Once we want it to begin nobody ever really wins, all of us have a bad day and it hurts when the only heart we have suddenly breaks. So we get our heart shattered into a million pieces bringing in a season of misery and despondence.

We're lost in an endless chasm of despair and we don't know where to go cause the only things that we ever wished for don't exist anymore. Thinking of a "what could have been" is a poison we drink often.

Trying to get out of a state where we don't belong to anyone and nobody belongs to us leaves us perfectly lonely.Swearing to God that we won't get into this state again we compromise and bend our knees when lust disguised as love knocks on our doors again.
An endless cycle begins and we do to others what others did to us, after all nobody knows where broken hearts go.

In reality they stay and break other hearts the same way that theirs was broken before.

Relationships are like bonds and bonds do get strained over time, the problem with our generation is that we hold on to something that's dead and infeasible because we are afraid to see the person we used to love happier with someone else.

The pain we have to suffer is intensified by the fact that we put in so much effort and time in a relationship and nothing ever came out of it in the end. Thinking we had the time of our lives we search for the good in goodbye when we are left like nothing behind.

Everything good has to come to an end someday and that's the sad story of our lives.All we can do is cherish the memories we made and reminisce them until we are grey and old. The worst thing that can possibly ever happen is to meet the right people at the wrong time.

People walk away, memories turn to dust and fade, all you can hope is that it'll be different in another life cause life goes on whether you like it or not.

These days it's astonishingly common to see teens have their heart broken and it makes me wonder where the values and importance of relationship been treated like jokes.

We ditch our friends and families and put our love first but then we find out that's when love hurts.Pure love, faith, trust should be primarily built on the foundations our family bonds are based on, we are growing older but we don't realise that our parents are turning grey too, instead of looking out for them and being there for them we are doing everything possible that might cause discomfort and pain to them.

Humans aren't complex, we are just miracles awaiting to be be explored, It's our superficial perceptions that cloud the simple truth, after all its easier to believe the chimera of our own wishful thinking that the harsh realities of life. It's true, by the time a child realises his father was right he has a son who thinks he is wrong.

Any kind of relationship Is not easy, all we do is end up breaking our own hearts loving others too much and ourselves too little,in the end grief and sorrow is the price we pay for love.

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