Everyone has a story

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The moment I saw him I didn't knew I will fall so hard for him.. Just like other crushes I thought he will be one of them but.. 'DESTINY ' ..destiny is so hard to guess even harder to predict.. Everything I predict went wrong but the only thing wasn't wrong...Was 'MY LOVE FOR HIM' .. For a year I thought it's just an attraction but .. Does anyone just attracts for 4 years and more ? I realized it is love when I didn't stop thinking of him inspite of having my first relationship ! A kind of which people call "TRUE LOVE" !

I never spent time with him..but this.. this is all different .. a whole different world with him ! When you have your first love ... not only first but when you have your soulmate with you.. you can't ever fall for anyone... But may be your first isn't your true..
He acts like a sugar in my tea .. like umbrella in rains.. like a sweater in my winter's .. like a well of full of water in drought ...just like a pillars in a palace..! ❤


We neither meet daily, nor monthly but whenever we meet our bonds become strong and stronger.. I don't know what I mean to him but "HE".. He is the Jupiter of my solar system.. ❤ Whenever we talk I feel like he is the broom to the dust of my heart .. I can't even confess anything in the fear of losing a human in my life... Nor can I sit here and watch him go day by day in his own world.. Is there any other difficult thing to do then to decide choosing or loosing... You know it's the worst feeling and you can't do anything when you want to be in a relationship where there is no further future.. Only being in 'LOVE' doesn't matter if you are in India ! Think this is the weakest point and hope that further we will make this point better..!


My love for him was confessed ... Thousand feelings of fear, exicetment , anxiety were running in this so called 💓! I didn't knew wether it was due to happiness or petrifies. The moment you opened your mouth ,my heart was shattered into pieces.. it was okay if you didn't accept me but the words you said had a direct connection from your mouth to my heart. Not just my heart but the whole "ME" was shattered... Yes, of course they were not just words they were your inner feelings..your inner swords.. 

My tea became tasteless as too much of sugar in my tea was hazardous for me.. I started to love rains rather then having an umbrella.. I lost 'Jupiter' but found my 'Earth' with life. 
Some stories were meant to end our was one of it, but one story end so that you can start a new story with no mistakes , no regrets from past and yeah as "Everyone has a story.. Mine will be the best this time !"😊


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