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"Your life is mediocre!", they said, "Why are you wasting your time doing absolutely nothing?"

The question brought a flood of vicious thoughts in my mind. They didn't knew that a storm had occurred. A storm which could shatter my life into pieces, leaving nothing behind for me to be happy for, but a question that would surely blow my mind if I think a lot about it- "Is my life really mediocre?"

At first, my mind convinced me that I should agree upon it- " I am doing nothing unique in my life. The same tasks are performed daily, only the dates change and the people around me. Nothing new was introduced, rather I avoided novelty. Afraid of not getting accepted by the society, I chose to live a normal life, like you do, like others do, like every other human does and wants it to be like. I want to avert from the society, but still I hope to get accepted by it, late or soon. Expecting a change was like expecting snow midsummer. I didn't wanted to face challenges, I didn't wanted to get my heart bashed up by people, i didn't wanted to feel insecure after opening up and introducing the ORIGINAL ME to everyone. I didn't wanted to talk about anything. I DIDN'T WANT TO COMPETE."

No, not because I'm anxious or fearful, but there was one thing holding me back from talking about ME and MYSELF- I feel that there is certainly no need to talk about one's self to others. Do we really need to tell people about ourselves? And even if tell, what is the probability that whatever we say is true. Inorder to impress others or to prove superiority, people try to fake an image of themselves they aren't even familiar with. They aren't comfortable sharing honest picture about themselves and their lives before people. "Faking is much easier than changing one's self, you know!" Don't you feel, to a some extent this is true?

You should leave the task of judging your behaviour to the other person itself. Whoever meets you, set them free enough to see and understand you. You need not tell about yourself. Let them observe you. Let them derive their own conclusions. They will surely tell you how you actually are as a person and if they don't, ofcourse their behaviour towards you will reveal it. 

We all have a distinct approach to life. We have certain beliefs, certain values which we cherish, we all have unique perspective towards life, a way to react to situations, a way to seek for solutions, a way to live. In short, we live our life by a particular and a defined set of codes we believe in. And we keep on adding some more to it as we go and grow through life.

Now, what others call mediocre is what I think a content life is. I'm satisfied with everything I have. Sometimes I think I've got more than enough. All basic necessities have been provided by my parents without even asking for it. The best thing I've got is GOOD PEOPLE AROUND ME. This is something everyone craves for; and yes, having such strong relationships is not less than a blessing. I have people whom I trust, whom I have faith in, with whom I can share my feelings without sugarcoating anything. What else does a person need. People matter more than things. Both have value, but what differentiates them is- one can be bought while the other can't.

I'm living a basic life where I usually lose myself whenever nature shows me a miracle, whenever I hear melodious music, whenever someone unveils the truth, whenever someone describes their passion. 

I really love it when I see people express their lovely thoughts which they usually don't share with the fear of being judged by others. I like to see them smile while they talk about it. When someone passionately talks about something, their eyes sparkle, their skin glows, words come from the bottom of their heart once they are comfortable sharing it with you. It's merely an enchanting and rare sight one can't explain but just observe and feel it and smile wholeheartedly. 

Now, after such a long discussion with myself or let's say with my mind, I saw the opinions change. From agreeing with my life being mediocre to a totally opposite perspective, I saw my opinion change. Not everyone can see these beautiful insights, but I did. "NOPE, MY LIFE ISN'T MEDIOCRE"- was all that I repeated with a grin.

At last, what we all yearn is PEACE - INNER PEACE. A content life, a blissful life, a happy life, a happening life is what we all desire. I'm doing nothing unique but at least I'm doing something which makes me happy. I know it's nothing great, everyone lives that way. But, if someone is satisfied with it, isn't it worth cherishing? Isn't it not just mediocre?

I'm living my life the way I want. I'm happy, content, satisfied, and blessed to have so. I'm making the pages of my dairy remarkable, which surely no one can understand but me. The people who haven't lived with me, can not understand the language used in my dairy. They could just read, but perhaps won't understand no matter how much they try. It's mediocre for them but memorable for me.



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