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Your sexy legs are made to touch,

Your boobs are made to stare,

Your belly is made to hold,

Your hymen is made to judge,

Your lipstick is puton to be rubbed,

Your life is made to fuck,

Your soul is not so important to talk.


Can we just breathe?😼 .
Hey it's me,
I am not strong as you are,
I need to be like other strong women's in this society, I am trying but I am failing.

You know what, I have started hating my things, I am not comfortable in my body, I hate wearing fit clothes because people stare me when I go out and it makes me uncomfortable, I am not comfortable in wearing short dresses, even though I love it, because when I wear, it seems like people eye's are scanning my skirt.

I am not comfortable with any boy, I fear what if I fell I love with a wrong guy, what if he brokes my Heart and keep it aside.
I am uncomfortable with a physical relation,what if he left? Will society, will any other guy will accept me?
I fear making mistakes, what if people judge me over that.
I fear living in this world,
Where on other side you just wanna live your life to fullest, I am here, totally confused with my LIFE.
Am I here to live?
Or I am here to Satisfy you?

No one cares about my soul, no one cares about my Heart, no one cares about my internal beauty, as if I am here just to please you with my external beauty. .
I am pissed off with this life and with you all judging me over stupid things.

As a human, I hate you, because you all never gave me a reason to love you. - a girl (one among you all, still hunting for existence)


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