The introvert's story

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nandini by  


It's a Saturday night. You see her at the bar
The lights, though dim,
You can still notice her black dress
Calling you from afar.

She's there at the counter.
Sipping a glass of wine
Your eyes search for her friends.
But spotting none, you find the situation just fine.

So you go near her and pass a polite hello.
But she makes a grim face and keeps shut.
Now that your petty male ego is hurt
You do the obvious.
Tell your friends she's an ugly slut.

You take seconds to wreck her character,
Not bothering to see
What she is hiding behind her anger.

When the makeup goes down
And the lights are off,
There's a girl who hasn't let her inner child die.
Who prefers fairy tales over sci fi.

Yes. She is an introvert.
Someone who can leave you in tears
Whether it be by her humour
Or the words she writes by conquering her fears.

If you question her about her trust issues
It's her life and she all the right to choose.
Life has been hard on her.
But she's has not given up yet.

And this is how she's always been.
She isn't in search of a prince charming,
But working on her dreams to be a queen.

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