That Lady

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|| That Lady ||

Meanwhile when time is running hurriedly, stagnancy of one’s life is something that baffles me.

An old lady is dying perhaps; she shrieked whole night from pain. I never knew that death comes this terribly. Her screaming was audible from even three houses apart. It was really disturbing that no one could soothe her pain. The lady is on death bed since past five years, and she can’t even move hither and thither. Every single day when people thought she wouldn’t last any longer, she fooled them by surviving against continuous failure of her body parts. Her family is once again on toes. The running fever went away in couple of days and she survived again, but it took away her hearing ability. Now, one has to almost shout to make her listen anything.

It all started few years back when she was on the brink of geezer hood and rheumatism attacked her, lack of proper medication resulted in worsening of case, and eventually she gave up walking on her own. Then for the sake of survival, she started using a wooden stick to crawl and to do normal activities, but that too didn’t last long and she has to relinquish the assist and refrain herself from moving much. Now she hasn’t anything left to do rather than wait and dying every day. In course of time her retention power got weakened, eye sight was badly affected; even taste buds weren’t giving her proper sensation of food’s taste.

I remember how in winter’s noon, from a wooden chair she used to stare the kids playing down the street. It wonders me that what she would be possibly thinking at the moment. She might be recalling the faintest memories of her old forgotten childhood, or else she would be just counting her breaths like always. She denies sometimes from identifying someone, perhaps Alzheimer’s curse is silently engulfing her. Even in extreme adversities one can easily find her calm and carefree. She must be dying for everyone, but for me, she has achieved legerdemain and people never understood it. She envisages a non physical address where she might be going soon.

Last month I went to visit her. As soon I introduced myself, she smiled with teary eyes. “Oh! It’s been long since I have seen you. You have grown a lot in these years; you look much like your father. Don’t you?” She blessed me asked asked to not enter in her room, “Stay at the door only, it’s all stinky over here.” After few minutes of formal conversation I returned back. When I was just few yards away from her room, I heard her whispering something, although she wasn’t.

“Kid, this waiting is dreadful and only thing I did understand in ages is; our life is inevitable. What has to happen will happen and one cannot run away from this reality. People will scold you for your deeds; you will be questioned every other minute, but do not hear them. Just keep breathing, because in last nothing matters my kid. Nothing matters.”


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