If I would be someone else !

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Traumatised in the race of discovering one's own identity in this contemporary world every individual at some point of his life muses to be someone else.And in this contemplation, the second person is most likely  to be either a noble being , or someone superior to him, happier than him, richer than him or let's say much more successful in his respective  life .

One wishes if  he wud be him how different life would be ! Much more satisfying & wonderful.  

And in this thoughtprocess  hardly does someone care of the ups & down  the second person would have been through in the past . For instance , everyone is mesmerized by the beautiful colours of a butterfly. Who cares about the fact that the same  butterfly had once  been a caterpillar .

Dreams with open eyes & sheer determination to accomplish them are the mark of inception to a noble life. There are stages in life , not every stage is beautiful. It is likely for us to fall down after getting  hit by the odds or our own shortcomings . But only those are praised who rise again and keep going no matter how hard it turns out to be. Dream & work sincerely to make those dreams come true. Believe in yourself coz who knows someone out there wants to be just like you.


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