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We hear this quite often, "life isn't fair". Why? Because we don't always get what we want ? And if life isn't fair,is it a bad thing?These are the questions I often think about. Who decides what is fair and what is not ? I cannot answer these questions but I do have some views on it.

Back in school I was a girl with many "friends" whom I trusted with a pure heart. Eventually as the years passed the number of the people I called my friends became fewer. One of the reasons for this, I gather was that I spoke whatever I felt was right. I apologised when I was wrong as well, but that was not the point as apologies mean nothing when made to the wrong people. In this world with a large number of feminists claiming equal rights for men and women I felt the presence of patriarchy on such a micro level. Everyone understood the guy's point of view but when it came to a girl, if she spoke her mind and happening to defying the guy then she was called stupid, doltish, frivolous and various other disrespecting terms. Rumours were made about her so that people would question her character and ignore her point of views. And why was all this done, because she did not happen to agree with a guy? Is it fair ? NO. Is it a bad thing ? Not entirely. Yes,people tried to slow her down but such attempts made her stronger. Life is filled with challenges and not everyone plays by the rules. 

People meet ,interact ,exchange views and just like that they start calling each other friends. The importance of the word 'friend' has dropped so drastically that it's unfortunate. We call anyone and everyone our friend, is it healthy ? The answer is no. Friendship is a very meaningful realtionship which should be treated with trust , respect and love. But if we look around us, how many of our "friends" trust, respect and love us ? Believe me it's fewer than you think. You trust a person you call your friend and talk to them about your feelings and even share your secrets with them. But what happens when the person you trusted breaks your trust. You were true and pure on your part but the other person wasn't and you are the one who end up getting hurt. Is it fair? No. But again is it a bad thing? No, because it makes you see a world filled with such fake friends and help you to find the true ones. 

The education system of this country for instance. From my personal experience I wouldn't call it fair. In the beginning of the twelfth standard all the teachers said that work hard, score well in the board examinations and your future will be more or less secured as you'll be able to get into a good college. It made sense ,work hard and accomplish your goals. However till the end they started talking about the importance of luck . The mood of the examiner also matters, if he\she is happy you'll score well and if angry you are doomed. How is this fair to the student giving his\her best in the examination? It is not . But life isn't fair, is it ?

After boards let's talk about the trend of entrance examinations . Scoring well in boards is not enough in today's world, you have to prove your worth at every point. If you look through a student's perspective, do you think it's fair that majority of these examinations do not stick to a pattern. Is keeps on changing and not even at a consistent pace? Many students do work hard and crack these but there are always some who get in through luck more than hardwork. Is that fair? Admissions into some of our country's best colleges through luck. That is not fair.

From personal life to professional life one goes through situations which are not always fair. But we don't need to see them through a negative perspective. Evey unfair experience teaches us something valuable. It makes us mentally stronger. Life will not always work in the way we want it to but that is a good thing because that opens the element of surprise in our lives. The excitement of not knowing what will happen next is amazing. Good and bad experiences together makes a perfect life. So according to me life is not fair and it is not a bad thing because it helps us to accept the reality and adjust accordingly.


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