Come here again

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When I'll wake up tomorrow

I might not have all the faces to greet

Maybe I'll not see them again

Until yesterday, I took them for granted
For what they did
But now when they're gone I wonder
What am I left with.
Tomorrow, I though of avoiding
People who used to care maybe
Or maybe just pretended to, but atleast.
I won't have a back to fall.
This day, when the sun is no more there to show me a way out
The dull moon cannot be relied upon
The stars fake like they are beautiful
I see virtuality as an option
The light from flickering bulbs
The man made maps
And an arrow
I turn to you when I have none
Now knowing, everyone serves their purpose
Everything is of some use.
Come here again,
The good times spent mistakingly,
Laughing, not knowing, I was wasting, missing, an essential part of me.
Come here again
To scold me. Hit me. Make fun of me.
To kiss me. Tell me. Good times don't last.
Lasts only in memory.
Come here again people
Relatives and friends
Enemies and men
I may have ruined it when you were here
I now know who, what for you were here.
Come here again
I shall repeat my mistakes again
Scold me. Hit me. Kiss me. Tell me.
Good times don't last.
Lasts only in memory.


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