An eulogy for the girl who killed herself.

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An eulogy for the girl who killed herself :

Dear you,
You were a charming lady with a 16 year old heart full of dreams. Your eyes displayed virtues of honesty and love. Yet i don't know why everything you did could never be enough. You poisoned your veins for people who wouldn't even bleed a drop for you. I still remember those nights when your pillow soaked your tears at two when you covered your mouth with a hand so that no one could hear you. You continued to be the strong girl you always had to, walking in with a smile and with that constant ache in your heart.

Who did this to you, my dear? Was it the society which continued to disgust you with it's acts of inhumanity? The society that taught you to live life with no fears, be alive and free. We asked you to be yourself, be free in your wilderness and to embrace the gorgeous soul that you are. But you know everyone carries two faces and you can't trust anyone right? We've always been hypocrites, backstabbing people. We contradicted our own sayings. We judged you and called you names. We teased you till the time you had tears coming out of your eyes and you stopped stepping out of your house. Everytime you screamed it is my life, let me live it, we screamed back louder and in thousands to curb your freedom.

Was it that boy who left you like you meant nothing to him? I know you wanted him in the worst possible way. I know you would do anything for him. I know even if he slit open your throat you'd be the one apologizing because that's just about how much you loved him. You saw him kissing her. You saw him tell her things he told you. You saw him do things for her you wanted him to. I know it broke you to a point beyond repair. I remember how you spoke about heartbreak when i asked you about love. But sweetie, the loss was his, wasn't it? Men will be men. He was home to you but you weren't even a hotel room to him. It was real for you but it never even began for him. Baby, you had to realize all you have in this world is you. You walk with your head high, with or without him because if you were born without him, you can live without him too.

Was it your nasty friends as i may choose to call them? Even when you wished the best for them, your thought didn't even cross their mind. They backstabbed you only because they were always behind you. They would tease, bully and play-hit you for the one fault of yours and that was to rant about your problems to them. You didn't have to worry about them. They weren't even yours to be called so.

I know this society has treated you cruelly. I know you wished for a better place to be in and there you are now. I know you must have made a hundred mistakes but that's what we're all about, aren't we? We fall so that we can learn how to stand up. Yet, this society clings to the one negative thing we do and forgets the rest. It'll remember you'd fallen but not how you got back up. It'll criticize you for everything that you're not and for whatever you wish to be. Suicide isn't stupid, it's sad. This is just a world full of fake smiles and promises, darling. And to all you masked people who still don't want to keep shut, just remember that it's not cowardly to slit your wrist or throw yourself off a building but to push someone to that point is.

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