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On this stormy night,
The summons we heard..
We finally saw the thing we feared

As we say this haven a goodbye,
As our eyes fill up with soulful tears..
Can we stay here for one more night?
Can we look up to the sky and stare at our stars for another night?
As their shine and glory  blinds everyone near and far.

Can we wander again in its alley?
On our transient feet in all of its glory.
But alas, we can't..
The lights have gone cold and look at us with pity.

We entered alone, our eyes perplexed.
But in the end, we came out united..
Joined by love, which glares bright..
Though we fought it hard and made it hinder;
But in the end, everything fell into place..
But, Everything cleared out right by its end.

This place shall always be evoked..in our dreams and memories
But on its walls and on its shadows;
Our calls will be heard no more,
They will be heard no more.

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