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U want to end ur life because one girl left u with infidelity..
Lets talk about the future after u are gone..
A MOTHER who gave u birth
Do u know the pain she had when she was giving u life..
Similar to 20 bones getting
Fractured at a time..
And u talk about a virtual heart break
Some girl Left u with..
Look at her she is sitting without u in one corner thinking about u
Almost dead not eating anything
A FATHER who is partner of her
Looking at ur mother half dead
Do u know that he ain't bought
his favourite shoes because
Of ur so called branded clothes
He killed his needs because of
U and u are sad because of one girl
Doesnt give u shit..
He goes to work in depression
Ain't showing any remorse and
U are gone giving so much sadness
He watches his wife everyday and he also
Cries in night alone..
If u cant make him proud then u
Dont have any right to make him
When she needed u the most
Where in this cruel world watching her like any "food"
Where will she go?
She will live with fear for her whole life.. And u left her alone in this cruel world.. God can never forgive u man
Where she thought her brother will
Protect her who is gonna protect her?
She makes food everyday
But no one eats everyday
She tries to feed ur mother
But she is half dead and
Ur father eats because of he has to work..
Do u really think that pain worth it?
Who the hell are u to give that
Beautiful people such enormous sadness..
If u cant be ray of hope in that rainbow
Then please dont become cloud
For rain of tears..
Think before ending ur life..
That girl doesnt worth to this people..

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