Just be who you are..

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Just because I have never smoked
doesn't mean I'm not cool.
Just because I don't argue for lil things
doesn't mean I'm Mute.
Just because I am not a party animal,
doesn't mean I can't socialize out.
Just because I get good grades,
doesn't makes me a twerp.
Just because teachers like me,
doesn't mean I am teachers pet.. Just because I am quiet,
doesn't mean I don't have any stand.
Just because I have decency
doesn't make me prissy.
Just because I walk away from nuisance , doesn't make me a coward.
Just because I think before I act,
doesn't mean I pretend my innocence.
I am who I am and this is who
I shall be for life and eternally.
I do not care what others think of me.
Like me or not that's your matter of choice.
Accept me for who I am.
Accept me for what I am.

PS. Nothing can ruin your dreams of the past
Thats what makes your journey to last !!

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