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What is insanity? Is it any mental disorder? May be yes! But what if i say that it could be a cure? Cure to one's depression, loneliness, one's addiction, fears and many more things which one undergoes but you and I can't feel that.


Let me tell you story of a girl. (one real life story)
In the starting days of their relationship, her boyfriend used to give her plenty of time. He made her feel like she is the most beautiful girl in whole universe. With that guy, she could feel all her dreams coming true. She was not like other people for whom being in a relationship is just to date someone, entertain yourself and then move to someone else. She believed in true love and never ending togetherness. She was damn sure that he also Loves her as much as she do and would never leave her.


But as the days went gliding away, things changed. He was no more interested in late night conversations. The same person who wanted to meet her daily earlier, started yelling at her if she ask him to meet twice a month. She could feel those changes in her beloved, and tried her best to ask and solve his problems if-he-had-any. But instead of sorting out their matters, he shouted at her that she irritates him. She kept trying to make him happy, but he never appreciated her. Her smiles were getting replaced by tears and tears. Despite of his presence, she felt lonely.


And one day he left. Without even saying goodbye. She texted him thousand times, desperately kept dialing his number for days, but he didn't answer. After a month, he broke up with her.
She couldn't make her heart understand that he is gone. She went insane. And she started living in her own imaginary world. She hallucinated his presence to herself. Her imaginary prince neither hurt her, nor made her cry alone. She could feel his warmth, his fragrance, and his presence; everything being virtual but pleasing. He was no more present with her, but now his absence became much more cherishing. She was happy being this kind of insane.
And what's the need of restoring her sanity, if she's much happier as she is?

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