I'm a girl

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Dad am I that bad for which you are selling me?
To an unknown world,to an unknown place;
To an unknown person,to an unknown face.

Won't you feel bad?
When I will stay all sad!
Won't you miss me?
When that bee will suck me!
Won't you catch me?
When far away,I will start to flee!

I know you don't,because
Your son is your only pearl,
Why me? I'm a girl!

I have to get married soon,
Because I will not get him as a second boon.
Leaving my family,leaving my joy,
All day I have to adjust with that boy.

You said-
"Not boy he's your king",
Then do a king,do so with his queen?

He treats me like a maid,
But I swear,never nothing I said.

Not a king he's a demon,
He surrounds my wound with the juice of lemon.
Only to give me pain he is born,
He makes fun of me all day and morn.

I know if I protest,I will be worse in your eyes;
And finally I have to get married,convinced by your silly lies.
Leaving my happiness by being his wife,
I have to get mixed in my puzzled life.




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