They say marriages are made in heaven

घरेलूं हिंसा

घरेलूं हिंसा का मतलब यह नही होता है कि किसी महिला या लड़की को मारना या पीटना बल्कि इसका वास्तविक मतलब ,किसी भी महिला या लड़की की भावनाओं से खेलना, उसे उसकी मर्जी के विरुद्ध कार्य करवाना , शारीरिक और मानसिक रूप से प्रताड़ित करना।।

It's time to awake..

In India there are more cases of domestic violence then any other problem the difference is most of them are hidden...


How shameful it is that we the men take our lovely and delicate better halves for granted and use and abuse them at our will !! This poem is inspired from a news of a boy who murdered his beloved brutally. We've to stand against this beastly mentality to stop violence against women.

Men: The Perpetrators (A Reality or a Mindset)

Violence against men do breathe in our very society. Men are always contemplated as perpetrators and women as sufferer.But is it always so?

Your love should not hurt her.

This is a collaboration work of @dreams_are_too_big and @house_of_logophilers


Become strong & powerful Because every person around is not good Every day is not lucky and every situation isn't that easy!!

She was a mystery...

Abuse kills love. Be addicted to love and better life than any other drug. Make love your drug

आत्महत्या या हत्या

पढ़िये और समझिये....अपने आस पास की चीज़े