Where Arth Thou?

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Where arth thou, loving angel?
Come back,  rebound for me.
Why did you let those black clouds drift you?
Leaving me in despondency

You said that you'd be
Together with me, till eternity
Now,  when I reminisce our long lost past
All but remains is a mere memory

I'll pardon for what you did
Feign it never happened,
It still saddens me, this bellicose night
Can I descry you on the other side?

I don't know what went wrong
Or why you had to leave
Spread your wings like a homecoming bird
Revert and I shall bear no mallice

Nonetheless of it all, I'll still usher you in
Welcome you with open arms, my queen
I can't reckon a life without you
Cause I still love thee true
I still love thee true

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