The Chemical

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She used to smile more often
now all I see is tears
rolling down her cheeks.
those eyes,
god those eyes!
they had dreams In sight.
the ones that you see
with them wide open,
they are moist lately.
The confidence
that moved the Himalayas once
I swear.
Is shaken down,
Broken into pieces further
Reduced to ground.
The doughty once
Is now scared of her
Own reflection.
Her self belief is tarnished,
Smoked and blown
up in the air.
The quietude screams
For justice.
The one that is blind
She knows that she has to find
It herself.
The form that was torn in the struggle
Is being put together.
The question here is whether
She is ready to face the cruel world
The one that hurled
Acid on her.
The joust will be tough
So she better not cough
Her confidence grew
When her husband drew
her dreams.
The self belief brew
And finally
the smile was back
She had transgressed the attack.
She now smiles more often.

Sahil Sharma

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