That heat still hurts

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Janci Rani


This is an ode to the attacker

Who mindlessly slayed my life

A soul of overflowing savor

Is filled up with burnt revenge now.


Minutes tickled

And within unguessable moments

It was splashed all over the face.

Mind took time to register it

And my body burnt in indescribable heat

Yes, I was burnt.


You burnt not just my face

But also the untiring dreams

I built up with a passion to live


And the girl with pleasant smile

Was already croaked

As only the burnt face and crooked dreams

Exchange their glance.


You buried the girl alive

Amidst her bridge to success

Who worked tirelessly to earn a name

In the world filled up with fame


You killed the princess

Whose parents laid trust upon

And still waiting with a hope

For a better life

Which was already destroyed,

Just because of you, fool.


I may be burnt

But never my dreams

Even death doesn't pain

But fighting in this hell hurts.


Amidst the clamour in my mind

Heart weeps daily in fear

Not for losing visage

But when that little child

Repelled to meet my eyes

With an encircled fear to face me.

My spine engross with fear

When my face opposes mirror.

And the people applauded my beauty

Is far of sight now

Because of the scary face you gifted.


Yet they can never burden me

From my ambition to live.

To live the life which you killed

Yes, I'm a phoenix.

Yes, I'm back after burn.

To live my life

With the same happiness.


Death is never a fear

When you are already in hell.

Yes, you offered me this hell.

But I'm with a hope

Of making it a heaven.

And I'm never a loser 

Believe me, I'll make it.


But count your days

And wait for me.

I'll come to you

Not with just a crooked face,

But with an unbeatable esteem.


And finally Thank you,

For strengthening me,

For teaching me 

Life is not a bed of roses.

You made me the best.

Yet my success will never for

give you.

It will haunt you forever.


Get ready

To get paid for your deed 


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