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I woke up to the burning pain,
Struggling hard to open my eyes,
Odor of medicines hit my nostrils strong,
Whispers of doctors, nurses filled my ears.

I lay over a hospital bed,
Immersed in horrific pain,
Fears stirred deep inside my mind,
Nightmares caged my soul.

A colourless and pungent smelling liquid. An evil man whose desires were beyond animalistic wickedness. My life went from casual to horrid.

I was 15 and a victim of acid attack. Why? Cause this man who was twice my age didn't know how to deal with rejection. Cause I didn't approve of his satanic desires. Cause I denied to be a puppet whose strings where controlled by those demonic hands. Cause I wasn't a girl who agreed to be his toy. Cause I was not weak to accept his persistency.

My mind wanders to those dreams I had built to live with. My passion to learn music. My innocent mind which never believed world to be dangerously cruel.

Walking streets of my city,
I didn't know what was in store for me,
I didn't know about henious people hiding behind,
I didn't know why I was pushed into the ground,
I didn't know why suddenly a cold liquid hit my body,
I didn't know why it burned intensely,
I didn't know why I felt skin crawling,
All I realised was the tempest of pain suffered.

Can you imagine the horror I went through when I first caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror?! All burnt. Scars. Wounds. Reflected. Each and every repulsive emotions emerged that I never knew existence of.

I am still grateful. To that human with beautified soul who carried me to the hospital. Who splashed me with fresh water. Who picked rolling me from the dirt of road. Who placed me in his taxi. And whose shouts gathered the medical assistance I needed. And also to everyone who even put a small amount of courage in me.

Struggles. Depression. Pain. Surgeries. I have overcome all difficulties. Even though the process was tough. I definitely didn't want any other creature of God going through this trauma. Thus my fight for justice began.

We lived in a country where Acid availability was never under control. Fight against sale of acid without any regulations was favoured by Court. But again we live in a country where people are born to break rules and go against it. The sales maybe under control but never totally according to the rules and regulations.

Fate. Destiny. Whatever it maybe. Have taught me life lessons in hard way. Everytime I stood infront of anything that could reflect, my self esteem crumbled. I didn't know how to survive. Every breathe I took was painful.

I was nervous wreck,
I was shattered dreams,
I was lost soul,
I was crushed hopes,
I was defeated ambition,
I was poisoned passion.

Courage. Strength. Rejenuvated hopes. Inspiration. Aspiration. As days passed, these were injected into my soul. Maybe the realisation of finding a purpose for being alive hit me like a hurricane. If I am breathing right now after such a traumatic phase, then I really do have a purpose to deal with. A purpose bestowed by The Divine.

Step by step, I was taking an initiative towards self betterment. A determined decison was already taken by my mind. Cause I didn't want those monsters to win and rule over my future.

Building my own life. Serving others. Praying everyone out there to reach home safe. Without any kind of attacks. Without any mental or physical harassment. I have been part of hunger strike and campaigns against acid violence. I want you all to never hide behind those evil imprints. We are here to hold your hands and show how to paint colours in your own world.

Learning to accept the way I am. Without a slight waver in confidence. Putting a genuine smile. No self doubt to bring down my joy. I have come a long way. I have embraced my journey. And then to believe in true love and go through motherhood.

We live in a society where every woman is objectified. Need to shower compliments on her outer appearance is of much importance. Every bold step. Every action. Every reaction. Everything that we do undergoes through judgemental eyes.And saddest part is we are all part of this society of double standards.

We need a society where a victim is not objectified, Where a victim is not criticized,
Where a victim is accepted,
Where a victim is not blamed,
Where a victim is treated with respect,
Where a victim is not pierced with toxic words.

We all have our loved ones. We care about them. We can't digest a thought of scratch in their body. We can't bear if they are in pain. We can't live through when they are not happy. Something goes wrong in others life, we talk or discuss. That's all we do. Maybe sympathise standing faraway. We take a step back unknowingly afraid of intruding into pain of victims. 

The guy I rejected, the guys who planned, the guys who executed their evil plan and the guy who gave the acid to these criminals were all one among us. They lived a normal life around me. And one day the monsters hidden got life. Their false facade fell away.

There are such hineous personalities living in our surroundings. No such area is available to be declared as safe. Maybe one day everything will change. A drastic change may occur in human behaviour. Let us hope those changes are stepping stones for better society. A change that will make us stop these acid attacks. 

We need to take a step against this cruelty. We need to take a step towards the support. Extend a help that we can afford. Console a damaged soul. Bring back an hurt individual to normal life.

If you are born to conquer,
Nothing else matters,
Evil will play its role,
Never let them walk all over you,
Stand strong,
Head high,
Show them that in reality only Beatific wins.


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