भद्र पुरुष

Kavita Nagar   849 views   1 year ago

कैसे माधुरी दुविधा में फंसी हुई थी,मन में उथलपुथल और बहुत गुस्सा था,समझ नहीं पा रही थी,क्या करे।


Sharma Divya   1.70K views   1 year ago

यौन शोषण सिर्फ आदमी ही नहीं करते बल्कि इसका शिकार भी होते है। छिपकली एक बच्चे की कहानी है जो यौन शोषण शिकार हुआ।

बरसाती कीड़ा का डंक

poojaagnihotry   1.38K views   1 year ago

निहारिका का रुझान मॉडलिंग की ओर था वहीं अविका निम्न मध्यमवर्गीय परिवार से थी और नौकरी करके पिताजी की मदद करना चाहती थी।


sunita   889 views   1 year ago

'अरे घनचक्कर चल कही हाथ साफ करते है बिलकुल फिल्म की माफिक ऐश करेगा अपुन दोनो बोल क्या करेगा ...क्यो नही दोस्त के लिए तो जान भी हाजिर तो फिर चल कल दोपहर नयी बिल्डिंग के पास में आना ........


Rajeev Pundir   91 views   2 years ago

People are expert in exploiting others, mainly the girls, sexually under the garb of love. Remove the blind and be careful! Don't fall prey to them. Speak. Stand up. And teach them a lesson like Sati took Satyam by horns for abusing her sexually.

"Are you Virgin "

pdimple   36 views   1 year ago

A poem on social crime on Titled "Rape"

Her Sackless Soul

rumana7   114 views   2 years ago

We are living in a world where dogs are tamed by men,and inturn men are becoming dogs. This poetry is on molestation of an innocent teenage girl by her tutor. It based on a real life incident.

Oh, that afraid girl!

priyanshibhageria   22 views   2 years ago

Big world, small minds Big people, small talks. ~Priyanshi Bhageria

Her shriveled Cry

swayema   189 views   2 years ago

It's all about a girl married in an early age in exchange of some bucks and was crushed every night.

Slap Of Life

Rajeev Pundir   23 views   2 years ago

This story tells about the consequences of a heinous crime like rape. And what happens when the victim belongs to the person who takes fun of raping others' women and girls? So beware while harming others! Someone is watching you to punish in the way you've never imagined.

Because she didn't has rights

jhalak   33 views   2 years ago

Here is the story after a news story..I didn't mention about a true story but its my try by my writing to tell that why should we stop this nasty mentality..make an conclusion but don't make another jwala

Rising amidst pain

khyati   343 views   2 years ago

It is a poignant account of a woman's life who struggled against the tough situations of her life to emerge as a warrior. it was, for sure, a hardline task for her but not impossible. Her grit to succeed proves it all.

RAPE : An Avoidable Mishap

Rajeev Pundir   65 views   2 years ago

Rape - Despite the provisions of stringent punishment in our laws we've failed as a society to check this. It cannot be checked until and unless we understand the dynamics of the vulnerability of our children, women and men at the hands of a known devil.


danieljlink   11 views   2 years ago

A poetic story on sexual abuse.

How the Crushing of Lungs Occurred

zaraksingh   16 views   2 years ago

This is a short poem regarding my trauma as a Child Sexual Assault victim and survivor. When you are that young and trauma happens to your body, your entire world changes for the rest of your life. That is what happened to me.