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Sexual Abuse Is A Matter Of Concern In Today's Male Dominated Society And At The Same Time It Is Neglected By Many.Crimes Against Women Are Increasing Day By Day At A Steady Rate At Work Place And Even At Home.Sexual Abuse Cases At Workplace Are Polluting The Work Environment For Women And Making It Difficult For A Women To Work Their .

Safety Of The Girls Should Be The Topmost Priority Of The Society But The Irony Is Nowadays Society Is More Concerned About The Safety Of The Cows Than Girls.Then What About The Safety Of The Girls? Aren't They A Part Of The Society? Aren't They Should Be Equally Respected Like That Of Other's.

Nowadays We Come Across Many Sexual Abuse Cases And The Victims Lies In The Age Group Of 1 year -60 Years.So By This We Can Say That From 1Year Baby To 60 Year Old Lady No One Is Safe In Our Country.Society Blame That Girls Only Initiated This By Wearing short dresses and skirts.Then My Question Is What A 1 Year Old Girl Will Expose?

Society Is Totally Wrong As There Are Many Cases Where Women Were Abused,Harassed And Raped Not Only In Short Clothes But Also In Burqa That Covers Them From Top To Bottom.

Actually In Today's Society Not The Clothes Of The Girls Are Short But The Minds Of The People who judge women on the basis of the way they present themselves. Rather Than Blaming Girls On Being Raped Can't They Teach Boys To Have Decency A Bit.

Firstly They Get Abused And Then Again They Are Tortured By Crime Inspectors By Their Inappropriate Questions.The Person Who Have Gone Through Sexual Abuse,First Of All They Will Have A Different Mind Set And Will Be Disturbed Both Mentally And Physically.Then The Inappropriate Questions Like:- How Many Times He Did? Where He Touched You? Will Shatter Them.Many Victims Not Report The Sexual Abuse Cases Just To Avoid Such Inappropriate Questions.

As The Legendary Amitabh Bachan Sir Said That "The Length Of The Skirt Doesn't Define The Character Of The Girl".

India Is A Democratic Country And People Have Right To Wear What They Want To.

The Only Thing That Need To Be Changed Is The Shitty Mindsets Of The People Regarding Girls.

Women Are Considered As Tools Of Pleasure From The Ancient Times Itself.Is There Anyone Who Are Concerned About The Safety And Respect Of Women? The Answer Will Be No Because Everyone Uses Them As A Tissue Paper In Need And Throw Them Later.

After Going Through Sexual Abuse Many Girls Lose Hope And They Just Want To End Their Life As The Society Never Let Them To Be Happy And Kill Them By Their Deadly Taunts.Whereas Some Girls Are Brave Enough To Face The World And Start A New Beginning.

People Think That By Protesting And By Doing Candle Marches We Can Stop This.So Let Me Remind You That Many People Joined In Nirbhaya's Case Candle March And Have Raise Their Voice Against The Abuse But Was That Helpful? I Guess No Because There Was No Decline In Sexual Abuse Cases After That Marches Too Even They Increased To A Bit.

The Only Way By Which We Can Stop Such Abuses Against Women Is By Changing Our Mindsets And Inculcating Respect Towards Women.

The First Step Can Be Taken By The Families Itself By Educating Their Sons To Respect The Opposite Gender As They Are The Pride Of The Nation And The Mindset Of The People Regarding The Clothing Of Girls Should Be Changed.

Government Should Make Stringent Laws Against Rapists That No One Will Ever Think Of Doing This Shameful Act Anytime.

The Girl Walking On A Abandoned Road At Night Is Not An Opportunity But A Responsibility.

All People Should Take A Step Forward In Helping To Stop Such Sexual Abuse Cases Against Women And To Make The Society A Better And Happier Place For Women To Live In.  

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