Oh, that afraid girl!

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Oh that afraid girl,
Scared of the cruel world.
To herself, she sings.
Trying to fly without those wings.

From all the trauma that she goes
Because of those men called hoes
Who tried to cut her wings,
To herself she slowly sings,
"Why did everyone get aside?
When I shouted, when I cried.
Why did everyone get aside?
Seeing those hoes getting wild!"

Of all the efforts to get rid
Of all the oppose that she did.
Did not matter to the man turned wild,
For she? she was just a six - year old child!

After the disastrous night,
She waited for the sun to again shine bright.
But oh, there comes our big world,
Criticizing her, just because she's a girl.

To overcome the pain, she was crying,
To fly again, she was trying,
OH! But how could she?
As on the inside, she was dying.

How many tears more?
How many years more?
Of all those cried lakes.
She asked hersef, how much time will all this take?

To all those late night cries,
To all those failed tries,
Without the wings
One day, she finally flies.

All those wounds, she left behind,
Requested the men to be kind
For if the men get wild again,
All they will spread is hate and pain.

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