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On the pretext of love Satyam exploits Sati for his sexual gratification. And when she becomes pregnant, she requests him to tie the knot with her. Firstly, he tries to convince her to abort which she refuses categorically. Taking her pregnancy a threat to him, he hatches a meticulous plan – to go for ring ceremony with her to take her into his full confidence, to convince her to abort on the pretext of getting defame due to early pregnancy and once it’s done – to dump her finally. And he succeeds in his plan. Infuriated, Sati vows to take her revenge from him and to teach him a lesson for this shameless act of his. To know the details of this story, read- Love; A Big Gamble Part I, already posted here.




Read the epilogue to know how Sati concludes her plan…  


"Hi, my name is Shuchi, your Facebook friend," a sweet voice emerged out of his phone.

"Hi Shuchi, great! So nice of you, I'm so happy," Satyam reciprocated in full elation.

"So we're meeting today at CCD Lajpat Nagar," Shuchi said confirming once again.

"O yes! Sure," he confirmed. A mysterious smile ran over his lips.

"Ok. See you. Bye," She giggled.

"Bye," mumbled he, bringing his smile to maximum.

And the call disconnected.

No sooner he got sure of the disconnection; he kissed his phone and smiled wickedly.

Shuchi was his tenth prey.


CCD Lajpat Nagar 5pm.

Satyam entered the coffee house and rolled his eyes to look all around. Quicky, he recognised Shuchi sitting in a corner. He approached her and introduced, "Hi, me Satyam!"

"Hi, Shuchi," she said while extending her hand towards him.

He took her hand into his. The softness and warmth of her hand filled him with a strange sensation and he felt thrilled and nervous at the same time. They settled into their seats.

After an initial hesitation, he started, "I liked your profile," and smiled.

"I too," she reciprocated.

"I think we can look forward for a long term relationship," he grinned while nodding.

She gave a seductive smile towards him.

Then the chain of their dating started.

One day...

"Suchi, you're a queen of paramount beauty," Satyam said enticing her.

She smiled and looked deep into his eyes, "You too...so handsome," she said twitching her eye brow, "...and deadly sexy," she uttered, pushed her tresses away from her face and winked bringing super sensual expression on her face.

A shiver of excitement ran through his body. Overwhelmed, he kept his hand over hers and tried to read her mind by fathoming into the ocean of her intoxicating eyes.

They continued to stare into each other's eyes for a while and when he became sure of cent per  cent agreement, he whispered, "Let's celebrate our friendship."

"Sure! Are you free tomorrow?" She asked taking a sip from her coffee.

"Certainly, always free for your highness," and he bowed his head before her.


Next Day...

Room of a hotel arranged by Shuchi.

"Honey, what would you like; whiskey, gin or vodka?" Shuchi asked him bending her body over him.

Aroused, he said in a sexy style, "Darling, your eyes are enough to make anyone inebriated, still if you insist we must have a few pegs of vodka," and he pulled her into his lap.

For a few seconds, they caressed and kissed each other madly. Then, Suchi served him the drink and asked, "Satyam, is it your first love?" and clunk their glasses.

"Yes, my love!" he replied and kissed her cleavage.

"Mine too," she reciprocated caressing his head pushing a little towards her breasts.

And after two three rounds of drinks, they started to unbutton each other.

Shuchi's soft, silky and well chiseled body, her sexual antics and maneuvers and her frankness had turned him utterly mad and he got lost in loving her whole heartedly.

Suddenly, a sound of clapping snapped their rhythm of sexual act. Panicked, they quickly disengaged and stopped then and there. Aghast, he looked in the direction from where the sound of clapping was coming. And what he saw he had never imagined, not in his distant dreams.

Sati was standing in the corner of the room clapping for him.

Dismayed, he mumbled, "You?"

"Yes, me, you cheat!," she grimaced, her eyes flaring in anger.

Scared, his body started to tremble like a dried leaf.

She took a few snaps by her mobile in the same compromising position, sheer naked.

Terrified, he even could not object on her taking their photographs and cocked towards Shuchi. His eyes wide-opened expressing shock, demanding her to do something to save them. But to his surprise, Suchi smiled in a mysterious way and started to put her clothes on.

Sati, pouring fire from her eyes, moved ahead and slapped a number of times on his face. Breathing fast and heavily, not contented by slapping him, she spat on his face - once, twice and then thrice.

Frightened, Satyam found himself cornered and subdued. Her anger had obliged him to surrender before her completely. His body froze and mind numbed.

"Listen Mr Satyam, Satyam Ha! Everything you did here has been recorded by me here in my phone...And now I will see how you go for your marriage?" She threatened him accusing him pointing her finger at him.

Then Sati turned towards Shuchi, " Sister, you may leave now, this is your payment," and she took a wad of currency notes out of her purse to pay her.

Suchi, almost ready, looked at Sati expressing her all sympathy for her and said nodding, " It's true that I'm a sex worker and I provide sex in lieu of money, but I would feel lucky if I could contribute something from my side to teach a lesson to such crooks who play with girls in the name of love. I won't take anything from you. It was my pleasure to help you out and will continue to do so for the sake of dignity and honor of woman," she completed and took her exit.

Sati too threw a disgusting gaze at Satyam and moved out of the room.

While returning in taxi Sati was thinking, "Her name was Shuchi, means pure, involved in a dirty business. No, she was true to her name - absolutely pure!" and she felt deeply grateful to her in her heart.



Love; A Big Gamble! -I 

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