indescribable pain

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You men abuse women as if it is your birth right.

It makes me feel as if women were born for men to delight.

You men prey on women like an animal even in daylight.

Is it the way of fullfilling your appetite?

Filthy thought's keep popping in your head when you see a woman,your mind's are so infected.

It is a myth that only attractive women are unprotected and get affected.

you keep looking at her waist and bust,You men have sexulaized women to so much extent.

You don't even spare a child taking advantage of their innocence and abuse them with torment.

What kind of pathetic way to gratify your desire's.

You men are so obsessed with women bodies like vampire's.

Do you think sexually abusing a woman exhibit's your maniliness?

No.Rather it is an insult to man-hood , to oppress.

Making her a victim of physiological and 

psychological trauma causing damage.

But you cannot abrade a woman's soul which fight's back with last ounce of courage.

Sadly we made sexual abuse the untold story of society's taboo,not letting women to speak up.

Women need us to listen and understand the pain rather than our judgement's to screw them up.

We made up the sick cultural stereotypes and letting the woman suffer,

Wish parents could teach their son's to respect women, as much as they teach their daughters about modesty.

Stop looking women as object's ,she has a soul which worth more than her body.

Stop looking women as object's ,she has a soul which worth more than her body.

Learn to respect woman as a human being and give her the dignity that she deserves like everybody.

We need to stand up for woman's justice.we need to fight back the animal's existing in the human form among us.Men stop being stoic and have some empathy. Don't let women suffer in pain.My heart aches looking at the pathetic situation of women.what bad have we done to the society that the men are letting us suffer.



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