I'm not a virgin, Ma

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He fulfilled his pleasure and died one more 'she'

This time her clothes were not responsible for aroused 'he'

Neither this happened coz she was in love

Nor did his hands flutter while cutting the feathers of a chirping dove

For him she was mere a piece of pleasure or just another peg

Its wrong to call him human coz ears must have heard her 'beg'

He pierced her soul and left the wounds that will pounce to bite

The time will send its Satan and he'll curse his own might

Those 'four people' will still have fingers pointed towards her

Or may be she will be deprived of her future "rajkunwar"

She scratched herself to remove his touch and in fact used the luffa

And asked "Will you love me less;coz I'm no longer a virgin, Ma?"

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