How the Crushing of Lungs Occurred

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zaraksingh by  
Zara Singh


I hate
when my chest is crushed glass
beneath the weight of his eyes,
those green eyes turned blood red
by the poison churning
in his veins,
Seeping from his hands
into my lungs.

I hate triangles,
any shape with three points,
because after my lungs were crushed
they were taped together
by the triangular wrapper of a piece of chocolate
as if that would console my breath
and give it back to me.

I hate bay windows,
With their panoramic view into the streets,
because i saw her walk away
as i was dragged by the thought of a cookie
into him
where the crushing of lungs
cracked like a window pane,
when i saw her running back.

how can you pretend to help
a young child, so innocent,
when all you want
is to steal her breath away?


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