Her shriveled Cry

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I was sold at an early age,

Before I even started to bleed,

Every night I was burnt,

And the white bed sheets turned red,

My pains and screams were never heard,

I silently suffered,

My body called for help every night,

I started to die more , every while,

He started exploiting me more and more,

I was always his need n greed,

Not one not two they were many,

Every night I was crushed like petals,

And When I started to bleed ,

I thought I was safe,

Those 7 days seems best every month,

Inspite of pain n bleeding alot,

I was safe from those morons,

Who touched me all along,

My body was not even mine any more,

Those scares n injuries use to roar,

You may think this is all just because of fright..

I might be yelling and shouting every night..

From day to dawn..

They needed no reasons to conquer..

They just lust for this body..

Which even doesn't now matter..

That hole is dig by many..

And I was suffering from their envy..

My body is no more of mine..

It is just for their cumming..

I don't fear any more..

I am not afraid any more..

I don't feel any more..

I don't oppose any more..

I just lie on the bed like a dead piece of meat.

And yes, I am not even a human any more...

No one understands my daily fight,

I started loosing my self respect and insight,

I Never look at mirror now,

I am degraded n scrapped some how,

I request you ,

Don't judge me this all this any way,

This all I have to say..

Cut me to millions pieces at once,

But don't haunt me during every dark,

You could never be aware of this pain,

I am suffering from these many years day and night..

By Some_untold_words ( Swayema )


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