Because she didn't has rights

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Her name was Reeta.She used to live with her mother.She lived in a posh area of her city.Reeta loved to dance and sing.

One day when she was going to her dance classes, she saw a woman sitting near the roadside..she wasn't even responding  to the bowing air..she was sitting as stiff as dead.

Reeta wanted to go to her but she thought that many people might have already asked her so why should she waste her time on her(the woman).And Reeta rushed for her classes.Now it was the 4th day since she saw her for first time.So she walked to that lady and asked her"excuse me"she didn't respond.

She asked again "hello miss ,can you hear me" (this time she tabbed on her shoulder) That woman turned her face to Reeta.Her eyes were lifeless like she is nothing but a flesh wearing some torn clothes.Reeta asked her why is she sitting here?But she didn't give any reply.Reeta took a deep breath and asked her "do you have any problem..are you sick?"

Again she didn't give any reply...Reeta was getting exhausted with that woman ..so she wanted to go from there ,suddenly the rain got started so she had to took shelter under the canvaas of tea shop present in front of that woman but at the other side of the road.She saw that woman was still sitting stiff again like a lifeless object.Reeta  was continuously watching that woman.

"What madam,now you are looking at her..hahaha there is no use of getting worried about her ,she has gone"Tea vendor said while making tea.Reeta asked what do you mean to say? He said if you'll buy my tea I will tell you...Reeta agreed ..and tea vendor started to tell her about that woman that this lady sitting in front of our eyes ..her name is Jwala...it was the dark night of January...I was closing my shop because of cold and dark..when I saw her ...she was walking on this street ..her clothes were no longer on her body and blood was coming from her nose and mouth..I just found her situation and I called her"hello...listen ..where are you going please stop" but she didn't reply..so I didn't stop her by my hands because I didn't think it is right..I didn't know where was she going..but in the newspaper of next morning I read the news that a woman got gang raped at this road ..they didn't mention the name of woman but I could guess that she was same as the last night...now the tea had become cool and Reeta didn't even take a sip from the cup....the tea vendor said oh madam your tea is now not drink worthy I'll give you another cup..

Reeta replied no I don't want tea its already too late I am going to my home but the story of street is still left ..Reeta turned and said what is left...how much do you know and why do you know all this?she asked with fear and shriveling voice.

Tea vendor answered"It was all in news ..so I know"Rain was not stopping and there were also some bikes and cars on the road so Reeta set on the bench and the tea vendor continues...then after two months it was in the news that a man wanted to marry that woman and he even gave an interview about this to media ..he flaunted his greatness ..but he really marry her ...and after some months he claimed that the woman he married had a bad character and she ran away with another man .....then after some days a news was on the height that she was sold to man to man...in different cities ...and the mastermind of this plan was her so called husband ....till that day her parents didn't accept her or maybe she didn't go to them...I am watching her sitting here since the next day of that news...no one never think like you and showed any concern about her ...I saw many people came to my stall and mock upon her ...and by some of them I got to know about her real name jwala....

Reeta was again sitting stiff but didn't take a sip of tea ....till then the rain stopped and a car splashed water on on that woman ...Reeta saw that and she ran towards that car by saying can't you see ..someone is sitting here are you blind?But no one heard ..Reeta angerly looked at that woman like she was also angry with her..she go to her and said don't you have voice ..can't you speak ...can't you fight..you are here because of yourself...you are a stupid creation of God who don't know her value....you have let yourself be teased and devastated....all the anger of Reeta was coming one by one in the form of words ....she was scolding her again and again but that woman wasn't replying.. Or even responding.... She stopped after sometime and begin to walk away from there ..she heard a voice saying.....I don't value because I never got this right.....it was the voice of that woman sitting there....Reeta turned with surprised and she felt like that woman didn't speak..and will never speak.....again



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