13 reasons why she can't raise her voice

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She once again touched,

Not with the same love touch,

But with the lust that clutch.

Once whom she devotes as god,

Has now proved as frawd,

Now no more society declared it unlawed,

As they recognise husband as Lord and wife as his sword,

But this myth soon fades when the lord misuse his sword.

He introduce on her varities of abuses,

It's just not only stop on sexual abuse,

But he continued to accuse

Untill she bruised.

Those hapless forced touches,

Give her unbearable pains,

With lots of bloodstains,

That have engulfed in her brain,

Which continuously she gains,

Circulating from her artery to veins.

Though she can't raise her voice

Because of her new infant.

She can't raise her voice

Because her husband provide them bread.

She can't raise her voice,

Because she still thinks everything will be fine again.

It's not only the physical tortured 

That glimpse as scars,

But also the mental tortured

That disguise in brain as marks.

Who says only single woman faces "sexual abuse",

There are some married women too who face this accuse,

No women are safe today,

Neither in womb nor in the outside world,

Because men are treating them as their prey.

Now our mind will stuck to this,

Why she keep on tolerating this?

Why can't she refuse to this?

Why she doesn't choose her own bliss?

Because "THE SOCIETY" plays a great part in women life,

And turned that sword into a blunt knife.



Almost every women in our country face this sexual abuse from their own husband and they don't reveal this, they never say in which situation they are going through only because of her family's reputation and goodwill.let's provoke the sence of respect in these kinds of women who keep on tolerating this assault without any complaints.

Say no to sexual abuse



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