Love Never Fades Away

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Meith Jain


Myself Akshita, An ambitious girl,but an emotional girl praising about of to stabilize my relationship happily and joyfully.

Yash, my long term boyfriend, not actually but it been 4 years of our togetherness.

What made me fall for Yash? Though i didn't realize when it made me fall in love with him but it clearly indicated me the true signs of love when he met me for the first time near my school. When i was in 11th grade, he passed his 12th boards.

2nd April, 2010

He was with his best buddies, chilling around engrossing with pack of happiness.

The very first time i saw him, i smiled, whether it was a love at first sight or simplicity of attraction. His charming looks stoled my eyes.

But as a typical girl, i didn't approach him to talk, why should i go? I thought for a second. But then i was dumbstruck with an idea. My hands were tightened by academic books, indirectly signaling him to do act upon i dropped one of my books near his bike hoping his eyes seeks the attention towards the book.

I crossed the path with him and got hidden beside the wall. Few minutes later, when he wrapped up his chills with his friends, he kick started his bike and as expected, his eyes puked on the book. He got out from his bike and took the book and opened the first page to identify the owner of the book.

After trying a lot to find the person specifying the book by asking ample of students, he failed and miserably i laughed at his situation.

Soon he gave up and kept the book inside his bag.Till that i was ready with my plan b and as soon as he again kick started his bike again, i turned on my drama and started looking down to earth in search of book acting as if i really lost it.
Slowly:-. I went near him but didn't see him, as he turned his bike, intentionally i came on his way and the bike scrunched me. I felt down and he showered his humanity.
‘I am extremely sorry, are you okay?’ He asked.
‘Yeah, it’s okay, i am alright.’ I replied.
‘He pleaded his hand for help and all it started.’
‘Thanks for your concern,’ i grinned.
‘But why did you came on my way,’ he questioned.

‘I know it’s my fault as I wasn’t aware that you were going to take right turn, I lied. Actually I have lost one of my academic book and I am sure, it would have fallen near-by only. ‘I stated.

‘Is your name Akshita? He questioned

‘Yes, but how did you searched my name?’ I asked.

He opened his bag and took out the book, is this your book? He enquired.

‘Yes, it’s mine only but where have you founded it? I asked.

‘It laid near my bike and I tried my level best to search whose book it was by asking the students but no results came out. He said passing me the book.

‘Your good name?’ I asked

‘Yash’, he said.

‘Thanks a lot Yash, I said pleading my hands towards him. We both shook our hands.

‘I am getting late, it was nice meeting you Yash’ I said. I didn’t want to revoke the conversation but I wanted to see what would be his reaction.

‘Thought he would ask my number or my Facebook name but neither he asked and continued by saying ‘Goodbye’. That time I realized Not All Boys Are the Same.

Next Day,

I saw him, again he was chilling out with his buddies, this type I respected my ego and decided to talk to him. I waited for his friends to leave him, after 15 minutes, they winded up and before he get disappear I rushed towards him.

Hi Yash, I said

Hey Akshita, What a pleasant surprise. He grinned.

So do you come here regularly? I asked

‘Not every day but frequently I do come as my friends resides here. He said.

‘But I have never seen you here before until yesterday’ I asked.

‘I used to land up back side of the school and not the front side’ He stated.

Oh Okay, But I want to tell you something, don’t mind it okay? I said blushing

Yes please, he said

‘Yash, you are very handsome and you really have charming looks, I said at a sigh

‘Thanks Akshita, but why suddenly you started giving compliments to me? He asked.

Because I thought I should say it to you, so that I could feel relaxed. I said.

That’s really awesome, I have never receive such compliments from any girl yet instead the only compliment I got that is from my beautiful Mother and My Sweet Sister, for them I will be always a hero. He said.

‘You are, I am really attracted towards your looks. And what about your Dad?’ I asked

‘My Dad is no more in this world, years before he met with an accident and all that it’s over’ He said in a low tune and fake smile.’

Oh Sorry, I didn’t knew’ I said, I really felt very sad for him.

‘So what do you do’? I asked

‘Recently I have completed my 12th boards and now eagerly waiting for the results to come out in May.

Our talks continued without even a taking a minute break. Meanwhile We shared our thoughts, we revealed our likes and dislikes, at a very short span of time, we became very close to each other but he most interesting trauma was that neither of us had dare to ask each other mobile number not Facebook Id.

I expected him to offer me first but he didn’t, as he would be feeling shy asking my number or username. Just to fade away his shyness, I reframed the question by asking ‘How do you spend your time?’ I asked indirectly. He said his entire schedule but didn’t mention anything about using any social media networking sites. Is that means He isn’t in any social networking site no Facebook no whatsapp? This time I felt shy and revoked this question.

Days passed and continuously we kept on meeting each other. It’s been 3 months of our friendship and slowly from Face to face talks we shifted to phone calls. Whenever we used to get bare time we used to talk to each other over phone or meet up, but then when I cross verified with him, I came to know he already has an Facebook account but not active, he doesn’t use Whatsapp no Instagram. But then when I asked him the reason behind not being active in social media, he said, it’s an waste of time, it’s just an time pass, nothing could be able to achieve if invest our time in all this stuff, it’s better to give up time to those who really need us.

Months passed and slowly I felt I started falling for him, our regular talks, our hangouts, getting indulge in participating various activities and his good sense of humor made me to bring feelings for him. But not sure whether it was One sided or from the both sides, I really wanted to know whether Yash too feel the same for me or not, Even I dumbstruck with the fear what if I express my feelings, what if this would lead us to the end of our friendship so just to make sure whether he had feelings for me or not, I started getting close to him whenever we met, I used to lock my hands under his but he never thought much more than our friendship, he acted as if, just by keeping hands and getting close is common in friendship and neither he felt uncomfortable by my behavior.

All my efforts flowed like river, but he never expressed his feelings. I strongly felt it has been months meeting each other and after restraining many efforts how couldn’t he fall for me. There was something which made him feel depressed; meanwhile, I came in touch with his best friend “Jay”, and after knowing the truth that the reason behind of not falling for me is because of his ex-girlfriend. It’s been a year since they broke up but still he couldn’t give upon his mind for Alia. Another cause was that Alia regularly kept on disturbing Yash by calling him or spying at him, one thing made it clear that Yash didn’t love her anymore, but it was Alia who didn’t understood it and she madly runs behind of him. The reason behind their broke up was because Alia didn’t only dated Yash but she use to keep many boyfriends and as Yash came to know about this, he gave up upon her.

Alia wasn’t the right girl for Yash, She should now forget Yash, I thought. In order to realize Alia of her mistake, after getting in touch with Alia in Facebook, I consoled her to meet me and Yash and also I laid her that I would patch up their Love story again. She accepted and one day we three met near our school. Yash wasn’t aware about Alia whereabouts and after seeing Alia in front of him, Alia apologize Yash many times but he didn’t listened to her, firstly he scolded me for lying to him and then he misbehaved with Alia by cursing her, he even warned him that if from next time if she tries to irritate him he would complaint it to her family and would also reveal her secrets to her family. I too supported Yash by inserting some value points and importance of Love in Life and how to stay Loyal in relationship, this made Alia feel embarrassed and finally She cried and left Me and Yash alone and from that moment she didn’t dare to contact me or Yash.

Soon Yash realized that the whole plan was arranged by me just for the sake to teach a lesson to Alia.

Thank You Akshita, just because of you Alia had stopped irritating me and also she realized her mistake by sending a final apology letter to me. I successfully accomplished my mission and slowly-slowly day by day I gathered trust of Yash now I felt it was the perfect time to express my feelings for him.

20th November, 2010

Yash, I want to say you something. I stated. We both met up at the near my school.

Yes Go ahead Akshita but before you say anything I wanted to convey something to you’ he paused.

My inner breath freeze and heartbeats rise. Yes Tell Me Yash’ I said.

‘Akshita, as we know each other from months, I started trusting you, you are the only person who gathered much faith on me, because of you only Alia had learnt a lesson and I could able to forgot her. It is you because you never thought badly about me or neither bought any bad intention towards me. Akshita, I seriously want to appreciate your time and efforts you had invested on me. In short I wanted to say’ He paused.

‘Tell me Yash, Why you stopped’ I grinned, my ears were waiting Yash to jazzed those three magical words staring at my eyes.

‘I want to say that I have started falling for you Akshita, I mean I LOVE YOU’ He expressed from depth of his heart.

It completely surprised me, finally I appreciated my efforts and Time had now been fulfilled and what I wanted I got it from Yash. I needed his Love and today at last he revealed his feelings. Instead of replying the same to him, I thought to pull his leg.

‘This can’t be happen Yash, I truly appreciate your feelings, but as you know about my elder brother, he won’t bear this. I said lashing towards his eyes.

‘I will talk your brother and trust me, he won’t deny us, he will never be against us, just give me a chance and I will prove it. He requested. I felt pity for Yash as all this was an hoax and even I also my family is well aware of Yash. I continued my drama.

‘Please try to understand Yash, You don’t know my brother, he will screw me and you, so please.’ I said holding his hand.

Akshita, I am requesting you for the last time, accept my proposal or else…? He paused

‘Or else?’ I questioned

‘Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star

Will You Be My Dusra Pyaar,

Up Above In The Sky,

I am not scared even of your bada bhai’. He rhymed

This made me laughed, I really fascinate his sense of humor. Yash you are damn awesome. I said. I decided to end my drama and too express my feelings too for him.

‘Yash, I want to say you that I too feel for you I LOVE YOU TOO Yash. I said feeling shy.

‘Then why did you deny me when I confessed you promptly?’ He enquired

‘That was a Hoax Yash’ I laughed

‘Akshita, you are really an kiddo’ he said and hugged me tightly. It was the first time we both hugged each other very tightly.

2 Years Passed

Our relationship stood as oxygen in our life, it wasn’t possible to stay without each other, Each and every moment of our relationship made us to come more and closer.

"Love cannot be created or it cannot be handled. Love is that feelings which a person could feel deep inside their Soul that makes them to go into the right direction to find their Soul Partner."

"Love shows us the way to solve the disputes also helps to connect the two hearts and make their bonding pristine so it couldn’t break even if someone tries to, it makes us to move in those direction where it the links are connected at just to reach final destination and to achieve the victory and get succeed in love."

1st December, 2012

It was Afternoon 2 PM and I felt very tension, since Morning Yash didn’t picked up my call neither he called me back, he had never done this to me before. Is everything alight with him, is he is okay? I increased my Blood Pressure. My eyes stared at my phone display expecting a call or message from Yash but expectations hurted me. Minutes later I received call from an unknown number.

‘Hello’ I spoke.

‘Akshita, its Dhruvi, Yash’s sister’ Voice echoed my ears.

‘Yes Di, What Happened’ I asked, seems like she was crying.

‘Akshita, today morning Yash met with an accident and his condition is very critical. She said.

I was shocked, what? Accident? How? When? Where? I asked her, literally tears rolled from my eyes.

‘I will tell you when we will meet, we are in City Hospital, Please rush quickly’ She said and disconnected the call.

I quickly rushed towards city hospital and met Dhruvi Di, even Yash’s mother was present there and was totally broken, I hugged both of them and asked Where Is Yash?

He was Operation Theatre, I could see Blood stains in his body and scars on head. His hands and legs were covered with bandage. I asked Dhruvi Di of how did this accident occurred.

‘Today Morning around 8 AM, When I and Yash were going to temple suddenly while crossing, in middle of the road Yash’s slippers tore down for which as he bend to take the slippers no matter within the seconds a car with full rush swinged and hit Yash and all this happened. I tried contacting you many times but my phone’s battery died and due to which I couldn’t called you.’ She said

Few Hours Later, Doctor stepped out from the OT, Yash had lost too many blood, he requires blood within 24 hours or else it would be impossible to save his life. Doctor’s word pinched me, Dhruvi Di and her mom couldn’t control their tears, I tried to console both of them and asked doctor which blood group does Yash required. O Negative, which is very rare and Yash is among those. Mine and neither Yash’s family had O Negative blood group. For hours I tried searching that Blood Group, I tried contacting mine and his friends, relatives but neither anyone had O Negative. I tried contacting my brother but his phone wasn’t reachable, finally I used Social Media Tool and updated my status requesting for O Negative blood group on Facebook and waited for the response.

6 PM

Still haven’t got any response from Facebook too, suddenly I got call from my brother and before I could speak he begin speaking.

‘Akshita, what happened? I have seen your Facebook status, why do you require O- blood group? I narrated him entire story and then he said one of his friends has O- blood group. Finally there came an excitness on my face. I spread the news to Dhruvi Di and Her Mom and after hours their face shined like a star.

My brother rushed towards the hospital along with his friend and without wasting a single minute we informed the doctor and doctor completing all his proceedings successfully transferred the blood in Yash Body. All thanks to my brother and his friends for saving life of my Love and Son of his mother.


After a long day, Yash finally opened his eyes and finally he was back. We all stood nearby him especially his mother and sister who hugged me, as they were almost going to Lost Yash forever. Joyful tears rolled from my eyes after seeing my love regaining his consciousness. After Few Minutes, I was alone left with Yash inside the room; i sat nearby him holding his hand. I cried but he smiled, He kept on speaking continually but he kept silent.

Slowly he closed his eyes and nurse instructed me to go out as Yash need some rest. Outside Yash’s mother hugged me and kissed by forehead saying

‘Akshita, this happens just because of you, you are the only reason Yash is back in our life. This entire miracle happened just because of True Love towards him. I won’t ever forget for what you have done to us, it means a lot Akshita.’ She said.

"True Love never ends; love is such a thing which could destroy each and every aspect that comes between two hearts. Love never fades away; it finds a solution for every problem that arises in an relationship."

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