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Me as a new Traveller

This poem will help you to be better as a traveller again.

Bully - The Notorious Virus

Bully if you are one stop being one. If you see someone doing it stop them. Help them understand and make the society a better place to live.

Assumed Alive

This poem is about any oerson who is assumed alive but he/she is dead insided. This is a little dark. So enter at your own risk.

Silent Cries

This poem is an attempt to spread awareness about the atrocities faced by women in this modern age.


It is a love story that was not permitted to flourish by the legions of different religions.

Mother-God In Flesh

A mother's feelings about her child as she grows old. The bond is described here.

The Chemical

The chemical that almost ruined her life.

Bag Is Heavy

Confessing to the parents that I am under pressure. Please stop and listen. Because it is really important for me or else I may die.

She was a mystery...

Abuse kills love. Be addicted to love and better life than any other drug. Make love your drug

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Well Hello there ! Thank you for dropping by. I am Sahil Kumar Sharma. Currently working as a banker with a MNC and it is not fancy at all. I was born in the land of five rivers and did my schooling from Kolkata. I was a hotelier. And I feel that I will die a hotelier even though I moved to banking. Unlike others, I started reading books at a very later stage of my life. One can speak his heart out through the mode of books. That has inspired me to share my thoughts too through this blog. I wish to write a book one day. But until then please do bear with me.