Prayer To Death

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Limbs are yet to grow,
am just in the womb,
Eyes are, but without brow,
and heart is yet to pump.
O Death,you must be having ,
other things to occupy.
Am such a little kid, 
just attempting to walk,
still stutter in uttering, 
am striving to talk.
O Death, come later,
i won’t defy.
My friends are few ,
more have to be made,
Books are left unread,
games are to be played.
O Death, hold on, 
not the time yet to reply.
Have fallen in love, 
with gorgeous wife,
Heart is singing and,
joy has come to life.
O Death, give me some time,
 & I will comply.
Children, to be taken care of, 
elders to be protected,
Ethics in society shaken, 
needs to be corrected,
O Death, time is still not ripe,
to tell the life a good bye.
Though money I have made, 
but no time to spend,
Erred in life many times,
still left ways to amend.
O Death, time is still not ripe, 
please do not pry.
Yes my hairs have fallen,
and I have grown old,
But still Life is a mystery,
which I have to unfold.
O Death, come next time, 
I won’t deny.
The more I desire, the more I pray,
Lust turning hunter and me its prey,
Still frustrated, still unsated
Craving for life, swinging midway .
O Death, the truth is that,
I do not want to die,I never want to die.
@Ajay Amitabh Suman

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