Mother-God In Flesh

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It is a good news, the doctor said.
You are expecting, so you should rest instead
of long shifts.
Her eyes were smiling of her cheeks,
she had a happy feeling since weeks.
This was going to be her first child,
and without her noticing it,
the time glide.
The cries filled the room with joy,
when the doctor pulled out a boy.
He grew inch by inch,
she was cautious and
never did she flinch.
In no time she woke him up for school,
now when he was gone she missed the days
when he used to drool.
While she is thinking about him, it is just then
the doorbell rings and it is ben.
She asks him about his day.
while in the sofa he lay.
She tidies him up and serves him lunch.
He has to go to soccer practice and
there is a time crunch.
He is growing taller than her
and she notices it now.
But she feels proud and takes a bow,
for a man she has raised.
He has moved to the uni,
the days appear gloomy.
She misses her little ben,
who was always around her back then
When he was small.
Sooner he will have a job,
Far away from home.
She started to sob
to the thought.
Just then the phone bell rang,
she wondered if everything was fine
it was ben on the line.
She forgot all her sorrow,
he said maa i need some of your time to borrow.
I will be delivering the felicitation speech on May 13th.
Can you make it to the uni?
She burst into tears of joy,
while listening to her baby boy.
She drove all the way to college,
to see her son graduate.
She made sure she was not late.
She cheered him with all her might.
They went to his favourite joint and
She kept looking at him all night.
Next day when she got up she was surprised.
Her son was missing and she couldn’t believe on her eyes.
The breakfast was laid on the table.
and there was note
stating Happy mother’s Day! Maa
and continued
I have found a job in town and the pay is stable.
She was relieved to hear the news.
In a minute she got rid of her blues.
She finished her scrumptious meal
and waited for the future to unveil.


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