Let Me Be Me

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You want me to Fly
But! like a Butterfly
You want me to Shine
But! like a Earthshine
You want me to Smile
But! With a Mime
You want me to Talk
But! Then you Mock
You want me to Run
But! With whole Lot of Ton
You want me to Love
But! Only with Concern Nerve
You want me to Think
But! With mind that Stink
You want me to be Me
But!Then hoggish you name me
You want me to Live
But! With body that is still
But Stop , yes, Stop
You want me like this not for me
You want me be this for you
You want to satisfy your dominated desires
You always set fiery wires
But now I am leaving this dual society
Got the strength from self and deity
Will no more live life of your choices
I am me , I have my own new choices
Yes! I want to Fly
Like High in the Sky
Yes! I want to Shine
Like a Twinkle in the Sky
Yes! I want to Smile
Like a beautiful Rhyme
Yes! I want to Talk
Like my inner soul won't Stop
Yes! I want to Run
Like my dreams not Done
Yes! I want to Love
Like as I say I Do
Yes! I want to Think
Like mind that Pokes
Yes! I want to be Me
Like a Carefree Bird
Yes! I want to Live
Like nobody can Judge
Yes! This is me
A woman of pride
I have my own life
I see, I listen, I observe
But then I create my own perceptions
Don't you try to obtuse me
Don't you try to seduce me
I'm only the lover of good heart
Of a person that can bring joy to my part
I am even happy to be alone
Don't let me be a husky clown
Let live and let others to live
Let together make a happy bid
Me and you are an earthy part
Let's live together with an open heart.

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