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“Life is a gift given by God”- We all heard this at some point in life, right? But do we believe in it? Do we really consider life as a ‘gift’? Why not? Why do we not consider this life a gift from God? Why has it turned out more of a curse? Why are young people resorting to drugs and intoxications that take them away from real life? Why is the rate of suicides increasing? Why are we running away from life when we are supposed to embrace it? Why has life become a demon devouring all our happiness and serenity from us? Isn’t it all strange?

Well maybe not. May be it is the way it should be. No? I know that’s what your heart says. That’s what each of our heart says but we refuse to listen. All of us, you and me, we all know somewhere inside of us that life is indeed a gift from God. It is a treasure that you and I have got and now it’s up to us to utilize it the right way. Some choose to squander this treasure and complain when it becomes a ruin. Are you going to do that?

I choose not to. I choose to live. I choose to embrace life. I choose to enjoy it. I choose to love it. And if you think that this attitude is a result of not facing hardships, not crying out loud at nights, not knowing what heartbreaks are, not knowing the pain of being rejected, not going through times when you’re completely abandoned by everyone, I am sorry to disappoint you but life is not a bed of roses. Life has its thorns too. We all have to face tough times when we are shattered and broken and down to our knees but it is not the end of life. It is not done yet. If you choose to tightly clutch the “good times” of your life, why not the “not so good times”? After all, it is a part of your life too. Your trials and tribulations are your challenges -the thrills of life. It makes you strong. It makes you wise and it makes you what you are today. Isn’t that beautiful? I know it becomes too painful to be sounding so stirring and overwhelming but we need to accept that this pain, the very pain that made you cry to death has made you stronger today, that same pang in your heart has made you wiser, and it is your own scars that remind you every day how have you overcome the days you thought you’d never make it. Adversity, trials, hardships, and plights are nothing but just the other side of the coin which you dismiss to even look at. That is not how you are going to live your life. If you are to dance in the sun, the rain shall also come. We cannot blindly hold our hearts and minds to all that is good and easy. If we are to enjoy life at its best, we need to accept it as a whole with both its wings. We cannot cut off one wing of this bird called Life and expect it to soar high like an eagle. That is exactly our attitude towards life. We are expecting ourselves to walk on one path, declining the significance and beauty of the other path. We are completely dismissing the account of what life has given us. We are complicating our situations merely by over-thinking and exaggerating our problems. We all have them. All of us. Some have more, some have less but we are all fighting our little struggles and yet some have happier faces than others. You know why? Because they have chosen to embrace life the way it is. They have taken their trials as a motivation to strive for better, their pain as a screen to view and appreciate little things that bring happiness. Is that really difficult to do? Is it worth it?

I am pretty sure that it may all sound like a huge gallon of wise words, in short, a tedious lecture at first but a closer look at it will make you realize how important it is to love your life, that is your own. You have the power to make or break it. You own this life and to give it up all for a few bumps on this journey? Is it worth it? It is not the climax of your story yet. You will overcome all of it - everything and look back to what a rollercoaster ride you have been on and then you will one day sit back and laugh it all. Till then live your life, work hard, cry hard and laugh even harder, it is all a part of your growth. Good Luck!


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