Bully - The Notorious Virus

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Hi, I am Jason and I am the son of a mason. Who wants me to become a doctor. I hope to learn a great deal in school. He told himself as he took the seat, "Boy! He is such a fool", said fate. He was unknown to this threat. The one that made him fret. He was pinned to the corner. Stripped of his shining armour of hope and faith. He is still haunted by the wraith. His flesh was soft and guard taken away, for them he was the perfect prey. Prey to the most notorious virus ever. The effects of which tend to stay forever. He mistook it as a sheer accident. Once occurred, but shall never happen again. Little did he knew, it was going to be permanent.

One day, he had enough. He had cuts on his hands and life seemed tough. He was told he is a weirdo and should take his own life once it for all and should not bluff. He has been strong all this while. But now just could see the light. He wrote a note to his father. He wrote he is lost and should die rather. That was the last his father heard from Jason.

I want to ask that what on earth is wrong with our generation. We need to put an end to this, truly. Lets join hands and stop every bully.


Image Source: vecteezy

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