Assumed Alive

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A wise woman once told me that whenever we ass-u-me,
We are making an ass out of you and me.
I know you don't have the slightest of the clue,
Why am I blabbering this in front of you.
Mom dad
Do You remember when you said that
you thought that I might want to be a
Doctor so you got me into med school.
Back then I couldn't figure out who is the fool. Is it me ? Or you ?
But now I am sure that you have a clear idea that it was you all along.
Now that my cold blue body
lays in front of you, you must be assuming that I was weak. That the chances of me turning out bright were bleak as compared to Mr. Hudson's son.
But before you leave this room. I want you know that it wasn't easy for me live like a failure that you assumed I was.
You know they preached at the church that everyone walks on this earth with a cause.
But I had to put a pause. Complete stop on these breaths that were sure. Sure as hell that you will only be sure once I lay on the floor


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