A lucky Number ( love on a phone call)

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I dragged my chair and kept it near the window. I got my coffee and sat there and stared through the window. It was drizzling outside and kids were playing, not minding getting wet.

My phone rang with the number I didn't recognize. I frowned wondering who it was, and moreover, I was little angry for getting disturbed as I was enjoying the scenerio outside.

I picked up and said, "Hello?"
It was a girl's voice in the other end, "Hello"
"Who is it...??" I said.
"I dialled a lucky number..!!," she said with little hesitation.
I laughed and said, "What century are you from?"
She was clearly offended. She said in a stern voice, "Hey, you don't have to be rude..!!! Okay"
But I was not sorry. I said, "What respond did you expect..?? Oh, I am so happy to be your lucky number. Please, let us be friends..???"

She hung up the phone. I don't know why I was so angry. I jumped on my bed and thought about it. Maybe I shouldn't have been rude but who cares, I said to myself. A beautiful girl doesn't have time to make friends through phone. Soon, I fell asleep.

I woke up and it was almost midnight. I looked through my window and I saw many couples walking; holding hand and smiling at each other. I suddenly remembered that it was Valentine's day. Yeah, the day people celebrate 'love'.

I had never made girlfriend in my life. I niether proposed any girl nor any girl proposed me. I often wondered how it would be to be in a relationship. Well, I was sure that I wasn't going to find out anytime soon. I was certain that most of the people would be in parties or celebrating it in their own special way, and I wondered who would be alone like me in this day. I don't know why but the girl who called me earlier came in my mind and I wondered if she would be alone too.

I picked up my phone and stared at it; not able to decide if I should call her or not. Finally, curiousity and loneliness got over me and I dialled her number. One ring, five rings, seven rings, and my call went unanswered. Maybe she was in party as well or maybe, she didn't want to respond my phone.

I messaged her, "I am really sorry for my earlier behaviour. I was pissed off with something else and showed the anger to you."

She didn't reply. Screw it, I thought and started reading a book. If I felt lonely or sad, I always read a book because a book could make you forget anything.

Twenty minutes or so, my message tone beeped. It was from her. I opened the message and it read, "Your apology is accepted."
Haha, i can imagine, in what tone she had said this thing.

I smiled. I would have never thought but her response made me happy, maybe it was because of the guilt. I dialled her number.

After that day, we talked everytime we were free. I shared with her about the things I never even told my friend. She returned the favor by telling me about the deepest scars of her life. I listened to her everytime and when I spoke, she listened. Sometimes, it used to amaze me at how we became so close without even seeing each other.

I used to guess her appearance sometimes; her skin like the choclate, her smile with deep dimples, her simple short hairs just above her shoulder and short and thin, and her eyes; big and expressive.

We talked with each other for months. One night, I don't know what really happened but I realised that I was in love with her. I guess I knew that for a long time but that night, I admitted it.

I called her like everyday and yet it was different. My legs were shaking and my heartbeat was racing.

"Hello..??" she said, without any idea of why I was calling her.

"I just want you to listen," I said and cleared my throat, "I am in love with you. I really am. If I don't talk with you, you have no idea what happens to me. When I hear your voice, everything feels right. One call with you completes my day. I know we have never seen each other but I don't think physical appearance would matter. I love you, for you."

She didn't respond. I kept listening to the silence, praying for a positive response.

She finally spoke, "I love you too.

I never thought I would fall in love like this, but I did. We have never met each other yet no one understand me like you do. No one makes me happy like you do."

I wiped away my tears as I smiled.

We talked everyday after that as well, and we used to talk same as before. Only one thing changed, now, our conversation used to end with 'I love you'.

Soon, we started to make plans to meet each other. Our vacation was about to come and we promised to meet that time. I was really excited but nervous. I was going to see the face of my soulmate. I wasn't worried about how she would look because I really didn't care, but I was worried if she would like me.

The vacation came and we decided the spot for meeting with each other. The whole day, I stood in front of the mirror, trying every clothes I owned, trying every hairstyles I know. And I applied so much of perfume I was sure the whole town could smell it.

I looked at the gift I brought for her. The wrapped box contained my favourite book, a dairy I wrote about her for a long time and a wind chime. I just hoped she would like it. Finally, it was time to meet her.

The spot we were meeting was clearly visible from the road. I called her and asked her what she was wearing. I saw her.

Omg..! That could have been the last thing i remembered from today and i have a weak heart. I had passed out for a few seconds for sure. My heart skipped a beat or may be it just stopped beating altogether. I was choking. She was breathtakingly beautiful..!! She was a dream. Even better, you could nit even dream of something so perfect. Plastic surgeons still cannot rival god, I thought. She was so hard to describe. Those limpid, constantly wet black eyes and that dimpled face screamed for love.
The light that reflected off her perfectly sculpted cheekbones seemed the only light blowing in surroundings. Somebody stood with a blower nearby to get her long, curly, black hair to cover her face so that she could look sexier flicking it away from her eyes. She had the big eyes of a month-old-child-big and screaming for attention- a perfectly drafted nose, flawless bright pink lips and a smooth, pale lightness of skin color.
Oh hell, she was way out of my league. She was tall.
She was a goddamn goddess or she was the devil. She could not possibly be human.
I just could not look beyond her face. I was not seeing right, i was speechless.She was their with a gift on her hand. She had the face artist would die to paint. Yes, she was that beautiful; like a princess that came right out of the world of fairies.

I told her to come on the road where I was standing. She came, and she picked up my gift and smiled. And then she started to frown and started to call someone. I know who she was calling; she was calling me. I was hiding and looking at her, and I had already taken out my sim card and threw it away.

She waited there for hours trying my number. After a while, she threw away the gift she had brought for me and walked away. I went there and picked up the gift.

Two years has passed since that incident and I still remember her face and voice so clearly. I wish she wasn't that beautiful. I didn't deserve a girl like that and moreover, I was afraid that she would have been dissapointed seeing my face. She was so beautiful that I couldn't get a girl like her in hundred years. I wonder if she still tries my old number or if she has forgotten me completely.

But, I am happy I picked up her gift. It is two small teddy bears with a love sign in the middle, where it is written ""Will you marry me..??"

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