The hidden door

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Only belive in urself..
Everyone is ruling urself
Even without they dont know u..
Just know how to be urself
And do that well..
It aint not come easily.. my friend..
Dont pitty urself..
If somebody pity u they are wasting their time..
I have met so many people in my life
Telling me wow u are so tall
And pity me with disadavantages of height and tall people..
The moment they feel sorry for u
U are host
Dont make people pity u
U are not disabled
U are human
U are tall
U are unique
And i made money with my height
If people think if u can make money with disability then they respect u
Then u are a role model
It doesnt matter if u are tall or short
If u can inspire others
Thats it..
Be humble..
I meet so many people everyday
Rich to poor;
And world is hurting place i know..
I met one boy
Who is rag picker and i was observing him
He was trying to read newspapers
Of dustbins
And trying to say that Loudly
Sure he wasnt giving up
Even without his brain was telling
Give up give up give up
But he didnt
And i was mesmerized so i talked to him,
"Bro what are u doing?"
He stood up
"I was reading.."
"Dont u go to school?"
(I know its stupid question)
"I have been but situation made me left that.."
"Now what u do?
(Again stupid.. Question)
"I am learning to be humble in my life
Trying to accept everything that comes in my way and world is beautiful.. sir"
I thanked him for inspiring
Sure he did..
I was so nervous when i had no money but when i look at these people
With no hope of future and money
But still they try to be humble and face life...
And what we do
We kill each other for money
And give up..
What are u looking for?
Money fame sex love porn
Never satisfies..
Wish to have somebody like u..
And be humble..
If u cant give diamond to ur wife/gf
Try to be a diamond in their life..
And they just want that..
Love others and let live...

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